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When it comes to being famous, many people assume it’s the best way to be. After all, we often care more about fame’s advantages than the disadvantages. Yet, being famous comes as a double-edged sword. While there may be many perks to being a recognized face, there are also many unenjoyable aspects. Here are some of the most notable perks and drawbacks of being a celebrity.

Special Treatment

It’s no big secret that celebrities tend to have special treatment no matter where they go. Whether they are appealing a court case, or going to a restaurant, more often than not, famous people get treated differently than a regular person off the street.

Yet despite this special treatment being nice once in a while, some celebrities can’t stand it. They would instead be treated like an everyday person and make their way in life. Likewise, many children of celebrities resent their exceptional treatment and would be recognized for their talents rather than their associated fame.

Less Privacy

Although it may seem glamorous to take your picture wherever you go, most celebrities agree that it gets old after a while. Lack of privacy is a massive problem amongst celebrities. For this reason, you see many stars lashing out at paparazzi when they feel their privacy is being cringed upon. Although having photos taken of you all the time may seem like a compliment, in reality, it can make day-to-day activities a downright burden. Some people want to buy a pack of gum without appearing in a magazine on the worst-dressed list.

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More Money

Most people can agree that celebrity salaries are much higher than the average person’s. And while a large amount of money may be helpful in life, it doesn’t always buy you happiness. In many cases, celebrities long for their lives before they become famous.

Being rich often comes with a lot of pressure, and questioning people’s intentions. After all, you can never be sure if someone is attempting to get close to you to get to really know you or just use you for your social status and luxurious lifestyle.

Failed Relationships

Beyond the glitz and glamour of attending awards shows and showing up with the hottest parties in Hollywood also comes a lot of hard work and gruelling schedules. Unfortunately, many celebrities have such busy lifestyles shooting films that it can lead to failed relationships.

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This is why you see so many Hollywood breakups since it can be hard to spend time with others while travelling the globe promoting films and attending events. Unfortunately, all of it comes with the territory of being a star.