Thanks to the Internet, working online has also become possible. Especially after the Corona 19 pandemic, many job descriptions include some days when you can work from home. But those days are not just for staying in bed and playing This remote work was put in place to reduce contact between colleagues but still keep their jobs. Others used this shift to a more frequently used online regime to find a new job that is completely remote.

For example, they teach on Zoom, translate, or maintain a solid social media presence. To do this, you either have to go viral with your Instagram or Facebook account or create a blog. The second option is not as common as the first.

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But what’s the difference? Social media has the side effect that you can post anything in real-time. For example, you can write a story about what is happening to you. The focus is more on the photos you are uploading, and the audience can then decide if they want to read your captions or not. However, that does not mean that blogs do not have photos or videos. The purpose is just different. A blog can summarize a specific period of time, like a diary about a trip. But it is not necessarily a real-time event. A blogger is telling their audience about a past event rather than taking them to a real-time event that is happening right now. Stories on Facebook or Instagram showing what the influencer is experiencing.

A blog usually consists of more text. The photos are just there to offer better insights. With a post, it is different. The first thing you see is the photo or video.

But both have at least one thing in common. That you get to choose the subject, pick one that interests you.

Will There Still Be Privacy?

Having a famous blog does not mean you are an influencer. Of course, you have the opportunity to promote big companies. And to promote their products. But you will have more privacy.

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Both bloggers and influencers can decide what to post. But to become a famous influencer, you have to show what you do and how great life is, even if it is sometimes embarrassing to be there. It is important to be in people’s minds. For bloggers, on the other hand, it is quieter. This difference could be due to the audience.