Preserving the first moments of your child’s life will give you endless opportunities to relive them. And life goes by so quickly, you need something to look back on to remember when they were cute and not a moody teenager.

Below, we’ll give you five of the first moments you should be capturing.

First Smile

The first smile is the cutest! There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s first smile. It’s magical. Like with some of the things we speak about, you might not technically catch the first smile, but you can catch one of the firsts. And it won’t be just any smile; it’s a significant developmental marker and a sign of your growing bond.

Capturing this in a photo freezes that moment and shows the beginning of your child’s emotional expressions.

First Steps

Your child’s first steps might make you cry. All of a sudden, you’ll feel like your baby doesn’t need you. They have more independence and adventure that pulls them away from you.

Still, it’s one of the most precious memories. Yes, you might not be able to catch the first step, but you should be able to at least catch the second attempt if you know it’s coming.

First Birthday

The first birthday is the most special. Nothing will prepare you for realizing your baby is one year old. It’s more than just a party; it’s the start of rapid growth, achievements, and the love that surrounds your child.

Photos from this day, from the cake smashing (they’ll probably do that) to the decorations and family gatherings, give colorful and vibrant memories.

First Holiday

Whether it’s a family vacation, a festival, or a holiday season, your child’s first experience of these events is unique. They’re such precious family moments that you don’t appreciate as much until you’re in the moment. You can capture their wonder, joy, or even confusion. The pictures you take will show a thousand memories. We think these types of photos are perfect for a photo book – you can find great ideas on

First Day at School

The first day at school is one of the most sad – your little baby is growing up! But this is one of the best photos you can take. If you take one for kindergarten, junior school, etc, it’s so nice to watch the progression. Maybe not for them, but you’ll definitely love it.

Documenting the first day of school, with its mix of excitement and nerves, will be a cherished memory.


Documenting these first moments is more than just taking pictures. It’s about preserving the fleeting instances of joy, achievement, and transition that define the early stages of life. And we promise you, it will fly by. You should do all you can to preserve the prescious moments before they’re in their teenage years and you have your first experience of them being totally embarrassed to be around you. That day will definitely come for most parents! We become uncool.

Watching your kids grow up is the most special experience – which of the firsts would you say is your favorite?