Gillie da Kid is a Trinidadian-American rapper, singer and songwriter. Among his most popular songs are “Blessed,” which debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 2018, and “Stoner Sloth” from his album Cool Vibes Forever!.

Gillie da Kid is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. He was born on August 26th, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. He released his first mixtape “Gillie Da Kid” on October 27th, 2011. His biggest single to date is “XO Tour Llif3” which has reached over 10 million views on YouTube.

The Best of the GDK Mixtapes Gillie da Kid, a Philadelphia hardcore rapper, initially gained national attention in 2006 after a spat with Cash Money Records and its star rapper, Lil Wayne, on claims that he had ghostwritten for several of the label’s artists, especially Wayne. Gillie da Kid, actual name Nasir Fard, and his Major Figgas gang were heavyweights in Philadelphia’s underground scene for years prior to the scandal, having released numerous independent albums and mixtapes. The seven-piece band ultimately signed to Suave House Records in Houston, TX, near the end of the 1990s, but when the company lost its distribution deal with Universal, Gillie went solo. Backstage during a performance in Philadelphia, the cocky MC met Cash Money CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams, and he was signed to the New Orleans label almost immediately. However, due to disagreements over his publishing, a solo album never materialized; instead, he worked as a ghostwriter (though Cash Money still denies it). He left Cash Money, as did key artists B.G., Juvenile, and Mannie Fresh before him, but stayed on good terms with Lil Wayne until 2006, when Wayne made a series of unjustified barbs at Gillie on one of his mixtapes. When Gillie let the cat out of the bag, he received a ton of attention from the hip-hop press (both print and online). DJ Kay Slay and DJ Drama, for example, were looking for the rapper to release fresh music. He subsequently signed a contract with Babygrande Records, a new indie label that released The Best of the GDK Mixtapes collection in March 2007. He released the song “Get Down on the Ground” in 2008, which Soulja Boy covered in 2013 as “Get Down.”

“Gillie da Kid” is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer. He was born in the United States to Ethiopian parents. He is best known for his hit single “Ethiopian”. Reference: gillie da kid ethiopian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Gillie the Kid ghost wrote for?

A: Gillie the Kid ghost wrote for both Cane Hill and The Amity Affliction.

How much is Gillie Da Kid net worth?

A: Gillie Da Kids net worth is not currently known.

Who was Gillie the Kid signed to?

A: Gillie the Kid was signed with Distant Recordings.

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