The Geto Boys were a rap group from Houston, Texas. They are best known for their debut album “Geto lowdown”, which was released in 1988 and is considered one of the albums that defined Southern hip hop. The single “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” brought them to the mainstream attention with its controversial lyrics about homosexuality.

The “geto boys songs” is a band that was formed in the early 80s. They are known for their unique style of rap, and have sold over 20 million albums worldwide. The group also has a total of 16 number one singles on the US Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart.

We Can't Be Stopped The Geto Boys’ records were nearly too harsh for broad exposure, despite the fact that the contentious subject matter of gangsta rap wasn’t much of a barrier to mainstream popularity throughout the 1990s. After Geffen refused to distribute their major-label debut in 1990, claiming that a tune dealing with necrophilia and murder went too extreme, the group was rescued by producer Rick Rubin, who found a new distributor for the album, which was released on his own Def American label. The Geto Boys received a lot of attention as a result of the issue, which happened two years before similar censoring events involving Ice-T and 2 Live Crew. We Can’t Be Stopped, their follow-up, went platinum, but by 1993, the three of Scarface, Willie D., and Bushwick Bill had begun to splinter. The Geto Boys reunited in 1996 for their most acclaimed album yet, The Resurrection, after recording individual albums throughout the mid-’90s.

The Geto Boys, on the other hand, formed in 1986 with a totally different lineup. Prince Johnny C., the Slim Jukebox, and DJ Ready Red were the founding members of the Ghetto Boys, who were formed in Houston by rap mogul James “Lil’ J” Smith (and signed to his Rap-A-Lot label). Between 1987 and 1988, both Johnny C. and the Jukebox left the band, prompting Smith to replace them with Bushwick Bill (born Richard Shaw, Jamaica), a dwarf-dancer-turned-rapper, and two Rap-A-Lot solo acts: Ackshen (aka Scarface, born Brad Jordan, Houston) and Willie ‘D’ Dennis (born Houston).

Grip It! On That Other Level Rick Rubin (LL Cool J, Beastie Boys) remixed and re-recorded songs from the Geto Boys’ Grip It! On That Other Level album when it attracted the ear of hip-hop entrepreneur Rick Rubin (LL Cool J, Beastie Boys). When distributor Geffen objected at “Mind of a Lunatic,” a tune that depicted necrophilia with a murder victim, he was ready to release it on his Def American label in 1990. Rubin had found a new distributor, Giant Records, by late 1990, and the album was released that same year under the name The Geto Boys.

However, the Geto Boys’ connection with controversy was far from ended; in the early 1990s, rap groups were a hot issue among moral-minded politicians, and many leaders cited the Geto Boys as an example to criticize the condition of contemporary music. The group’s second official LP, We Can’t Be Stopped, was released in 1991, reigniting the flames. Bushwick Bill had lost an eye in a shooting with his fiancée before the album’s release, and the cover depicted Willie D. and Scarface wheeling Bill into an emergency room, with a prominent view of the injured eye. The procedures on the CD were among the most intense in recorded music history. Despite the lack of radio exposure, We Can’t Be Stopped went platinum in early 1992, due to the Top Ten R&B song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” one of hip-most hop’s powerful inner-city vignettes.

By 1993, all three members had started individual careers, with Willie D. being the only one who had fully left the group due to creative disagreements. Scarface and Bill stayed together with new member Big Mike, releasing Till Death Do Us Part in 1993, but they broke up in late 1994. Willie D. returned to the Geto Boys for another album, The Resurrection, a year later, and the ensemble was in great form. Bushwick Bill was the next to quit the group. DMG took his position for Da Good, Da Bad, & Da Ugly in 1998, but returned for The Foundation, the group’s 2005 reunion album.

The “geto boys albums” is a list of the albums, songs, and biography of one of the most influential hip-hop groups in history. The group was formed in Houston, Texas by Willie D., Scarface, DJ Ready Red, and Bushwick Bill. Their debut album “Geto Boys” was released on October 27th 1989.

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