Michael Rooker is an American actor and musician. He has appeared in a number of films, including Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more recently X-Men: Apocalypse.

Michael Rooker is an American actor. He has been in many movies and TV shows, but his most notable role was as Merle Dixon on the AMC series The Walking Dead.

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How much money does Michael Rooker have?

Michael Rooker is an actor from the United States with a net worth of $4 million. Rooker rose to prominence in the 1980s with parts in films such as “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” and “Eight Men Out,” but he is most recognized now for his role as Yondu Udonta in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” films. Rooker has also appeared in the DC world, as Savant in “The Suicide Squad.” Rooker also featured in films such as “Days of Thunder,” “JFK,” “Cliffhanger,” and “Mallrats” throughout the 1990s.

Michael is perhaps best recognized for his role as Merle Dixon in “The Walking Dead” on television. He’s also a well-known voice actor, with a part in the animated series “What If…?” Rooker often appears in James Gunn’s films, and he has been in all five of Gunn’s films to date.

Early Years

Michael Rooker was born in Jasper, Alabama on April 6, 1955. When his parents separated, Rooker moved to Chicago with his mother and all of his brothers and sisters. At the moment, he was 13 years old. Michael attended DePaul University’s Goodman School of Drama after graduating from high school in Chicago.


With a prominent part in “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,” Michael Rooker came on the scene. The film was a critical hit and helped put him on the map. Following that, Rooker starred in films such as “Eight Men Out,” “Mississippi Burning,” and “JFK.” These somber parts demonstrated his acting versatility, but he achieved real success in action and thriller films. “Sea of Love,” “Days of Thunder,” “Cliffhanger,” and “Tombstone” were among them. “Mallrats,” “Rosewood,” “The 6th Day,” “Slither,” “Jumper,” “Super,” and “Hypothermia” are among his other noteworthy flicks. From the 1990s through the 2010s, these films were released.

Michael Rooker Net Worth

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Rooker has sustained success in the 2000s and beyond with “The Walking Dead,” where he played Merle Dixon in the very popular AMC series. By the third season, he had established himself as a season regular. Rooker has appeared in video games including “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” and “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” as a voice actor.

In 2014, he landed the part of Yondu in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a significant step forward in his career. The film was an unexpected success, earning $772.8 million worldwide. The 2017 sequel “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which earned $863.8 million, saw Rooker reprise his role. Michael starred in the action film “F9” in 2021.


In 1979, Rooker married Margot and they had two children together.

Health Concerns

In the year 2020, Michael Rooker was infected with Covid-19, but he healed without incident. Covid-19, on the other hand, “put up a fairly strong fight,” he said.

Problems with Real Estate

Michael Rooker’s house in California has been plagued with problems. His house was extremely near to the flames as wildfires raced across Los Angeles in 2017 and damaged his neighborhood. Firefighters were able to rescue his house, but many homes nearby were totally destroyed. Rooker expressed gratitude to the LAFD for their efforts in putting out the fire.

Rooker had an incident with a trespasser on his property in 2020, according to reports. Due to his infection with Covid-19, he was self-isolating in an Airstream trailer outdoors at the time. Michael left the trailer after hearing a voice, only to be confronted by a girl who attempted to enter his house. Later, the person was apprehended.

Michael Rooker is an American actor and producer. He is known for his role as Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Reference: michael rooker height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michael Rooker a nice guy?

Michael Rooker is a great guy.

Is Michael Rooker missing a hand?

He is missing one of his hands, but it is not because he lost it in a fight.

How old is Michael Rooker?

Michael Rooker is 72 years old.

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