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Dolcenera is a singer, songwriter, and musician from the Philippines. She has been called “one of the most talented up-and-coming artists in Asia.”

Dolcenera is an Italian singer who has released many successful albums and singles. She also has received a number of awards for her work.

Emanuela Trane is an Italian pop singer, actress, and reality TV personality whose stage name translates to “sweet and black.” Trane was born on May 16, 1977, in southern Italy, where she started to play the piano and began composing songs at the age of 13. She met her first producer, Lucio Fabbri, violinist in the Italian prog rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi, while attending Italy’s University of Mechanical Engineering (PFM). “Only You,” her self-written first song, was published in September 2002, and “Siamo Tutti là Fuori,” which received an award at the 2003 San Remo Festival, was released a year later. The reward was a contract with BMG Italy for one album. Fabbri oversaw the recording sessions for Sorriso Nucleare, her first album. The title of the album is taken from a song of the same name, which is about children born after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Dolcenera Biography, Songs, & Albums | In 2005, Dolcenera won yet another award, this time for winning the televised singing competition Music Farm. It served as a prelude to her second album, Un Mondo Perfetto, and the song “Mai Più Noi Due.” It was her first platinum-certified record. It spent a year at the top of the Italian album charts. The song’s title was a reference to an anthemic song against abuse against women. Her third album, Il Popolo dei Sogni, went platinum a year later, thanks to the song “Com’è Straordinaria la Vita,” which she played at the San Remo Festival as well. Dolcenera’s re-imagined version of Radiohead’s “A Wolf at the Door,” which she renamed “Luminal d’Immenso (L’Ombra di Lui)” as a play on the commercial name of the anti-epileptic/anti-anxiety medication phenobarbital and a poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti (“M’illumino D’immenso”), contrasted with Dolcenera toured Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for two years as both a headliner and an opening act for Zucchero and Vasco Rossi after its debut.

Nel Paese Delle Meraviglie In 2009, she competed in the artists category at the San Remo Festival for the third time, but was ousted in the quarterfinals, causing the crowd to express their dissatisfaction loudly. She released Dolcenera nel Paese delle Meraviglie (Dolcenera in Wonderland), which was produced by Roberto Vernetti and recorded live on the studio floor. It was her third platinum album in a row. In April, she was part of United Artists for Abruzzo, a group of over 50 Italian artists that recorded Mauro Pagani’s song “Domani 21/04.2009” as a benefit for people impacted by the earthquake in the city.

Evoluzione della Specie She released the album Evoluzione della Specie, which she wrote, produced, and arranged, after further traveling (including a show in Milan with Depeche Mode). Its first song, “L’amore è un Gioco,” was accompanied by a video co-sponsored by the Italian edition of Playboy magazine, which also featured the artist on its cover. It was declared gold, as was the follow-up, “Il Sole de Domenica” (a song about protecting minorities). Dolcenera switched from piano to synthesizer as her main instrument for the album, which represented a major creative and sound shift for her. In 2012, she released Evoluzione della Specie II, a re-release with additional songs, while on the road for a two-year tour. Both albums were certified gold. “Ci Vediamo a Casa,” a new song, went platinum and spent almost two months at the top of the radio charts.

Le Stelle Non Tremano Dolcenera was looking forward and composing her next album while on the road. She went straight to work in the studio when she returned from her tour. She returned to producing and arranging with “Niente al Mondo,” a song and video that got the highest exposure for a female artist in Italy in 2015. (Its subject was Pier Paolo Pasolini and Mario Monicelli’s imagined discussion of dreams.) Two additional songs, “Un Peccato” and “Fantastica,” also reached the top of the radio charts. The full-length Le Stelle Non Tremano, released by Universal in September 2015, went platinum and reached number five on the Italian charts; it was followed by a deluxe version the following year, which also reached the Top 40.

Dolcenera not only went on tour to promote Le Stelle Non Tremano, but they also became involved in initiatives that helped inmates and educated the public about the dangers of climate change. In addition, the singer found time in 2016 to coach Raffaella Carrà, Emis Killa, and Max Pezzali on the first season of the Italian version of The Voice. Alice Paba, one of her competitors, won the competition. Dolcenera has also achieved success as an actress, appearing in films such as Il Nostro Messia, Scrivilo Sui Muri, and Amore 14, as well as in plays and on television in Italy.

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