Inna is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter and actress. She rose to fame after taking part in the fifth season of “The X Factor” in Ukraine where she finished third.

Inna is a Russian singer and songwriter. She is most known for her hit single Innaya. Her music has been featured in many films, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, Gangster Squad and more.

Nirvana Inna gained a worldwide reputation as an EDM diva, adding heat and personality to house-influenced dance songs. She is one of Eastern Europe’s most famous artists. Inna, a Romanian singer, had a breakthrough hit with “Hot” in 2008, a song that initially charted in Romania, then swept across Europe, and finally crossed over into America in 2010. She has collaborated with Latin musicians such as Daddy Yankee (“More Than Friends”) and J Balvin (“Cola Song”), as well as hip-hop artists such as Flo Rida (“Club Rocker”) and Pitbull (“Club Rocker”) (“All the Things”). Inna’s career evolved, and with her 2017 album Nirvana, she explored a more pop-oriented style, as well as Latin and Gypsy elements in her 2019 album Yo.

Hot Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu was born on October 16, 1986, in Mangalia, Romania. Elena’s mother and grandmother were both singers and dancers, and she found her passion of singing when attending church with her family. Her parents noticed her ability early on and enrolled her in voice training with a vocal coach when she was seven years old. While Apostoleanu liked music, she was reluctant to pursue it as a profession, so she enrolled at Mangalia’s Colegiul Economic (Economy College) to study political science while she was in her teens. She tried out for the Romanian group A.S.I.A. but didn’t make the cut, so she had to rely on office job to make ends meet. When one of her coworkers overheard her singing to herself in the workplace, destiny intervened; her coworker had a connection to the popular Romanian production company Play & Win, and Apostoleanu was introduced to them. In 2008, Apostoleanu signed with Play & Win and changed her stage name to Alessandra; the same year, she had her debut television appearance on the program Teo! The name Alessandra didn’t stay long, and she switched to Inna, a nickname given to her by her grandpa when she was a kid. In August 2008, Inna released her debut song, “Hot,” a house-influenced dance tune that topped Romanian charts, went on to become a European smash, and would finally reach the American dance airplay list in 2010. Inna’s second song, “Love,” reached the Top Five in Romania swiftly, and her first album, Hot (released in certain European countries as Very Hot), was published in August of that year, including another worldwide hit, “10 Minutes.” Inna was awarded Best Romanian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2009 and 2010 as a result of her achievement.

I Am the Club Rocker I Am the Club Rocker, Inna’s second full-length album, was released in September 2011 and included guest performances from Flo Rida (“Club Rocker”) and Juan Magan (“Un Momento”). The album, which was once again produced by Play & Win, reached the Top 20 in Belgium and the Czech Republic, and reached number eight on Mexico’s album charts. “Caliente,” Inna’s May 2012 song, was a thank you to her Mexican admirers, and two more worldwide singles, “Tu Si Eu” and “Inndia,” followed. Play & Win produced several of the songs for Inna’s third album, Party Never Ends, which was released in March 2013; many other producers were on board for the project, including DJ Frank E, Orange Factory, Steve Mac, and DJ Smash. Inna visited the United States for the first time in promotion of the album, including a cameo appearance by reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee on the song “More Than Friends.” Inna had a cameo appearance on Pitbull’s EP Meltdown’s song “All the Things” later that year.

Inna got a record contract with Atlantic Records in 2014, and her debut song for the company was “Cola Song,” which featured J Balvin and has been streamed over 62 million times on major streaming platforms. Inna had over 750,000 Twitter followers and 12.5 million Facebook likes at this point, and her videos had been watched over two billion times. Inna’s fourth album, self-titled, was released in October 2015 in Japan under the title Body and the Sun. J-Son (“Bamboreea”), Eric Turner (“Bop Bop”), and Marian Hill appeared as special guests (“Diggy Down”). The album debuted at number one in Romania, but fell short of expectations in a number of other countries, including Japan and Mexico.

In 2016, Inna joined Antonia, Lori, and Alexandra Stan in the all-star collaboration G Girls, which debuted with the song “Call the Police.” In 2017, they released “Milk and Honey,” their second single, with Lariss filling in for Stan. Inna became a judge on the Romanian music competition program Vocea României Junior in the same year, and in December 2017, she released Nirvana, her fifth album, which blended greater pop elements with her typical dance and EDM style. The album was completely recorded in Romania, unlike her previous two, and included three singles: “Gimme Gimme,” “Ruleta,” and the title tune. Inna released the song “Ra” in September 2018, which was produced by David Ciente. Yo, Inna’s sixth album, is a Spanish-language effort rich in Latin and Gypsy influences, and it was released in 2019. Inna’s first album was released as part of her new American record contract with Jay-Roc Z’s Nation label.

Inna was born in the Soviet Union. She is a Russian singer, songwriter, and actress. Her songs are mostly in Russian, but she has also released albums in English. Reference: inna born.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the husband of Inna?

Inna is the wife of the husband of Inna.

What ethnicity is Inna?

Inna is of Ukrainian origin.

What genre is Inna?

Inna is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from France. Her genres are pop, house, dance-pop, R&B.

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