Eladio Carrión is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and actor. He rose to fame in the late 1990s with his band, Sonidero Musical de Puerto Rico. In 2003, he released his first solo album, “Eladio,” which won him a Latin Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album.

Eladio Carrión is a Spanish singer and songwriter. He was born in Madrid, Spain on October 4th, 1982. His parents are both from the Dominican Republic. His debut album Paraíso came out in 2006.

Sauce Boyz Eladio Carrión, a rapper and vocalist with a reedy baritone and slick freestyle delivery, burst into the Puerto Rican scene in 2016 with his first video song “Me Enamoré de una Yal.” Artists and audiences alike adored his distinctive beatcraft and catchy melody and song composition. Carrión’s first album, Sauce Boyz, a 20-track mixtape, was released in 2020. It included collaborations with Yandel, Cazzu, Lunay, and J Balvin, among others, and debuted in the Top Ten Latin Albums. After spending the rest of the year producing 15 songs and videos, he returned in January 2021 with the all-trap Monarca, collaborating with Corina Smith, Natanael Cano, Ovi, and Noriel. The performance, which was devoid of reggaeton, peaked at 11 p.m. Seven months later, he released Sen2 KBRN, Vol. 1, a nine-track, 27-minute album that has a steely collection of gloomy, atmopsheric trap songs.

Carrión was born into a military family in Kansas. He lived in Alaska and Baltimore before settling in Puerto Rico permanently when he was 11 years old. He delved deep into social media networks as a teenager, posting a slew of popular, comedic amateur videos and writing music for other artists. Before going solo, he collaborated with Flowsito on “2 2” and Rawlenz on “No Quiero Más Amigos.” When Carrión released “Me Enamoré de una Yal,” the first to embrace it were fellow reggaetoeros, who promoted it on their own social media accounts, allowing it to reach a wider audience. He followed it up with “Si T Te Vas, Mi Cubana,” “Culpable,” and “Ave Mara” nearly immediately. Because of their success, he was asked to feature on songs by Big Soto, Randy, Zion, Darkiel, Myke Towers, Rauw Alejandro, Noriel, and many more during the following two years.

Other urbanos considered Carrión to be a well-known Latin trap stylist. His 2018 collaboration with Yann C, Darkiel, and Myke Towers on the video for “Sigue Bailandome” catapulted him to the top, establishing him as one of the most in-demand Latin rappers. “Mi Error,” a collaboration with Zion, reached the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and has over 33 million YouTube views. Other streaming successes from the same period were Ecko’s “Candela,” Myers’ blockbuster party song “Animal,” and Bad Bunny’s “Kemba Walker.” Carrión’s first full-length album, Sauce Boyz, was released in January 2020 as a star-studded mixtape, with just one of the 20 songs being solo performances. J Balvin, Yandel, Arcangel, Smokepurpp, Lil Mosey, Bad Bunny, and others were among his collaborators. On the Top Latin Albums list, it reached number eight. Carrión didn’t stop there; in 2020, he released no less than 15 songs, each with its own visual. With the exception of “Mi Error,” none of the songs were on an album.

Monarca was released in January 2021. While Sauce Boyz’s 20 songs were a mix of trap and reggaeton, his second long-player was completely devoid of the latter. Despite being warned that such a move would harm his chart position, Carrión persevered. He recruited a slew of top-notch collaborators, including Balvin, Lunay, Yandel, and Cazzu, as well as newcomers like Corina Smith on “Todo o Nada” and Natanael Cano, Ovi, and Noriel on “Ele Uve.” There were solo performances on nine of the album’s 14 songs. The album reached number 11 on the Top Latin Albums chart.

Carrión appeared on “Quedata Sola” with Jon Z and Myke Towers and “Nube” with Chucky73 throughout the following several months. In June, he released the solo song “Sauce Boy Freestyle 4”, which was followed by a Bzrp Music Sessions volume that charted at number 10 on the Latin Rhythm albums list. Carrión released SEN2 KBRN, Vol. 1 in July, a nine-track, 27-minute trap album. Despite the fact that he collaborated with a number of producers, it was the first time he performed entirely solo on an album. The album debuted at number 20 on the Top Latin Albums list, led by the songs “Sauce Boy Freestyle, Vol. 4” and “Al Capone.”

Eladio Carrión was born in the Dominican Republic on March 30, 1972. He is an American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer who has released nine studio albums. Reference: eladio carrión height.

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