Edwin Luna is a Filipino singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on December 11, 1989 in Manila, Philippines. He first gained fame as a child star on the ABS-CBN television show “Star Circle Quest” where he finished as runner-up to Jennylyn Mercado.

Edwin Luna is a Mexican singer-songwriter, actor, and producer. He has released six albums to date.

Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey’s creator, leader, and main singer is Edwin Luna. He is the fourth son of the famous duet El Palomo y El Gorrion’s late Don Miguel Luna (aka “El Gorrion”). Luna, who was born in 1987, started his professional career when he was eight years old, when his father took him onto the stage. Following that, the kid became enraged. He used to despise music and would be cajoled and forced to perform at gatherings. He studied accountancy in high school before returning to music, no likely owing to his father’s influence. At the age of 15, he performed with Don Arsenio Jimenez of Cadereyta, as well as in Banda Sinaloa, Virgilio Canales y Liberacion, and the Piricuaco Band.

Luna established the first iteration of his band, Banda la Escandalosa, in 2010 after receiving a request from former members of La Real Banda Chilera to join a new band. He got signed to Remex Music in October. In March of the following year, half of his band disbanded to create a new group. He recruited musicians from Sonora, Oaxaca, Jalisco, Guanajuato, and Monterrey, despite his fears. Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey was the new moniker given to the new unit. “Después de Ti No Hay Nada,” the group’s debut song for Remex, was released in June. It charted in the Top 20 on many Mexican radio stations. “San Lunes,” their second single, was released in November and had a more distinct Monterrey flavor. It not only reached the top of the radio charts in northern Mexico, but also got broadcast throughout the nation and in the southwestern United States. El Pelon del Mikrophone’s blockbuster hit dance song “La Cumbia Tribalera” was also accompanied by Banda la Trakalosa.

De Monterrey a Sinaloa Banda la Trakalosa recorded a version of Salvador Aponte’s “Doble Vida” in early 2012. It was published less than a month after the composer’s original version, and both songs became instant hits. Banda la Trakalosa issued a compilation album with the same name later that year, which featured all of their hits, a new song called “Concha del Alma,” and a few fan favorites. De Monterrey a Sinaloa, their official album debut, was preceded by the popular pre-release song “Un Par de Cerdos.” The band not only made the charts and got a lot of exposure, but they also started touring all across Mexico and the United States thanks to radio play and Internet and television video views. Edwin Luna y Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey released the song “Broche de Oro” in early 2014, followed by the album La Banda Grande de la Sultana del Norte. The next year, Reto de Éxitos ReMex, a joint remix compilation of songs with Tierra Sagrada, was released. El Palomo y El Gorrion made their last studio performance on the 2016 compilation CD Asi Cantaba Mi Padre. Luna returned in 2017 with two albums: 10+10, a CD/DVD compilation, and Mi Otro You, a studio album. Luna and Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey released Me Hicisite un Borracho early the following year, when Luna participated as a judge for the Mexican talent competition La Academia in 2018. The band celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2020 with performances at Arena Monterrey and National Auditorium.

Edwin Luna was born on September 3rd, 1987 in the Dominican Republic. He is a singer and songwriter who has released three albums to date. Reference: edwin luna edad.

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