Cuban Doll is a reality TV star, who has seen her net worth grow exponentially in the last few years. The celebrity was raised by wealthy parents, and has been dating various stars for over 10 years now. So what does Cuban’s future hold? Find out more about your favorite reality TV personality here!.

Cuban Doll is a Cuban-American rapper. Her real name is Nayeli Rodríguez, and she was born on December 12, 1989 in Miami. She’s been rapping since the age of 13.

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Cuban Doll Doll from Cuba

Biography of a Doll from Cuba

Cuban Doll is a social media sensation who is most known for her alluring Instagram photographs and videos. She is also a singer who has a large number of YouTube and other platform song videos. Everything about her is eye-catching, whether it’s her fashion taste or her hair color.

She’s also a seasoned businesswoman who sells authentic Cuban Doll clothing and goods.

Cuban Doll is one of the most popular Instagrammers, with over 1.7 million followers. She is also well-known on Twitter, with over 92k followers on her official account. She’s collaborated with a slew of other social media icons thus far.

In truth, another YouTuber called Jonathan Nweke filmed her music video ‘Rat Bi-ch.’ She is also a businesswoman that sells authentic Cuban Doll clothing and goods.

Age|Birthday of a Cuban Doll

Doll was born in the United States on May 12, 1998, in Dallas, Texas. As of May 2020, she is 22 years old. Taurus is her zodiac sign.

Parents from Cuba

Her mother went to prison when she was 15 years old, therefore the actress had a difficult life. As a result, Doll had to deal with a lot of difficulties throughout her adolescence. Aaliyah Keef is her true name.

Boyfriend of a Cuban Doll|Dating

She is frequently referred to as Aaliyah Keef since she is a major admirer of Aaliyah and Chief Keef. She is also known as Cuban Savage. Initially, she intended to be known as ‘China Doll,’ but she eventually settled on the term Cuban Doll.

The majority of her pals are artists or social media celebrities. Jonathan Nweke, Kodak Black, Tadoe, Desiree, Molly Brazy, and other social media personalities have cooperated with her. Jonathan Nweke, a friend and fellow YouTuber, filmed her music video ‘Rat Bi-ch.’

Aaliyah Keef had a spat with Asian Doll, a fellow social media personality who was formerly her closest friend. They both spewed hatred at one other on social media after an encounter.

She may be seen consuming marijuana in several of her videos. When it comes to smoking, she is no different off-screen. She is a self-professed cannabis user who has discussed her experiences with the drug in a number of interviews.

Tadoe, a fellow rapper, was dating Cuban Doll. She even worked with him on a couple videos before breaking up with him. According to reports, rapper Kodak Black attempted to get her to talk about her breakup with Tadoe on social media. She, on the other hand, turned down his proposition.

Cuban DollCuban Doll

Career in Cuba

Cuban was already a social media sensation before she began her career as a rapper. When her Twitter account grew to tens of thousands of followers, she became well-known. She then began sharing jaw-dropping photographs and videos on her Instagram account. She is one of the most popular Instagrammers, with over 1.7 million followers.

When she first began recording her songs in 2017, she gave it her all, and as a result, her music videos began to gain traction. Many of her tracks have amassed millions of views, including ‘Bankrupt’ and ‘Transportin.’ ‘Let It Blow – feat. Molly Brazy’, one of her songs, has received over 7.7 million views on YouTube.

While her vocal abilities and talent are one of the main reasons for her fame, Cuban Doll’s uniqueness has also contributed to her social media success. Everything about Cuban is distinctive and flamboyant, from her fashion style to her hair color.

She is also a businesswoman that sells authentic Cuban Doll clothing and goods. Her website,, also provides stylish iPhone covers at a reasonable price.

Doll’s Salary

The well-known American rapper and social media personality has a $1 million net worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats Cuban doll real name?

A: According to IMDB, Cuban Dolls real name is Micaela Schäfer.

What is Cuban dolls net worth?

A: Cuban Dolls net worth is $2.5 million.

What state is Cuban doll from?

A: Cuban doll is a song, not an individual.

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