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The 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro is rumored to be the most powerful iMac in Apple’s lineup and it could launch any time in June. This redesigned desktop model will feature mini-LED Retina displays, faster 8-core processors and up to 128GB of RAM.

Let’s look at what the new 2022 iMac Pro will offer.

2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro Could Launch in June

Regarding the upcoming 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro, many reports suggest that the device could launch in June of this year. Here’s what we know so far about the features and specs that consumers can expect with the arrival of this pro-level device.

The iMac Pro will be powered by Apple’s own M1 chip and be equipped with a Mini-LED display. This display will offer a wide range of colors and viewing angles, better power efficiency, improved reaction times and vibrancy at all viewing angles. The device is also rumored to have DDR 4 RAM, up to 128GB memory, SSD storage options up to 4TB and an 8K display resolution. Additionally, reports have suggested that it will feature “proprietary unified IO ports” for connecting Thunderbolt 4 devices, along with MagSafe for charging.

The iMac Pro is also expected to come pre-installed with macOS Big Sur, offering support for Face ID authentication and an extended battery life compared to its predecessor. Additionally, consumers may benefit from Apple’s new Professional Accessory Kit which includes a redesigned Aegis Secure Key with AES 256 encryption capabilities and more advanced authentication technologies such as Touch ID.

Finally, reports suggest the device will have HDMI 2.1 ports and advanced Bluetooth 5 connections for higher quality audio streaming support from sources such as AirPlay 2 or HomePod mini. This means users can enjoy a wide range of features without worrying about lag or connection issues when watching movies or engaging in video calls on their mini-LED iMac Pros.

Release date

Rumors suggest that the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro could launch as soon as June 2021. However, final release dates are often hard to predict, so the date may change for any reason.

Sources have suggested that Apple produces components for the new Mac, indicating ongoing development and production. Additionally, Apple has recently announced plans to switch to proprietary ARM-based silicon chips in its computers, beginning with Macs expected by late 2021; this could affect the launch date for any upcoming products.

It is also worth noting that previous rumors stated that a 2023 release would be more likely due to production delays caused by COVID-19 and other factors; however, recent stories contradict this assumption and point toward a sooner launch. As always when contemplating upcoming rumors and product launches, it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt until an official announcement from Apple itself is made.


Reports indicate that the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro could launch as soon as June 2021. It features an ultra-thin design with a mini-LED display, enabling improved contrast, brightness, and more vibrant colors. This could be another leap forward for Apple’s iconic iMac design.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from the design of the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro.

Rumored changes

It is rumored that AppleInsider and MacRumors are expecting the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro to launch in June. The all-in-one computer is said to sport a new design with a larger display, improved performance, and boosted storage thanks to the introduction of Mini LED, a cutting-edge display technology.

The form of the device will also reportedly be slimmed down with slim bezels and subtle separation between the 3mm mini LED backlight layer just above the LCD panel. This will increase contrast ratio, higher dynamic range of colors, reduced reflection from bright lights, and better brightness levels overall.

The internal processing power of the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro is expected to be fast as well. There have been reports of an increased RAM size up to 32 GB`s along with six Thunderbolt ports capable of handling data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbit/s per port. Apple plans to use fast PCIe NVMe SSDs with its chips or other solutions such as NAND memory solutions for storage. Meanwhile graphics power within the machine could be augmented by discrete GPUs from AMD or Nvidia depending on model with up to 16 or 32GB VRAM memory configurations offered respectively.

It has also been rumored that Apple already began production at some factory locations originally supposed to take place in March before delays caused it to shift into May or June instead.

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Possible specs

It is speculated that the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro could boast approximately 12,000 mini LED backlight modules compared to the 1,000 or so LEDs used in previous generations of computers. This cutting-edge technology could empower users to view content on screen with unprecedented brightness and contrast ratio accuracy. Although precise specs for this rumored device remain under wraps for now, some additional features that could be included are:

Processors – The 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro might feature Intel’s 10th generation processors with up to a 10 core processor.

Memory: With more memory than ever, the new machine should come equipped with up to 128GB of RAM, to make multitasking a breeze.

Graphics: The device could include up to a Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics card, allowing users unparalleled gaming and multimedia performance capabilities.

Storage: In addition to providing increased internal storage (up to 8TB), the iMac Pro could also offer multiple thunderbolt ports capacity and expanded external storage capability through external HDDs (hard disk drives) and/or SSDs (Solid State Drives).

kIO—The latest MacOS update will enable full compatibility with kIO technology, allowing for higher transfer speeds from connected storage solutions such as SD cards. This development might enable data syncing between devices in mere seconds!


The 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro could launch as early as June, and could feature up to double the current 21.5-inch iMac Pro performance. This could be due to the Mini-LED display, which greatly upgrades brightness and color accuracy.

Besides the display, this iMac Pro could also be equipped with the latest and most powerful Apple Silicon chip, offering even better performance.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from this upcoming iMac Pro performance.


When considering the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro, one of its most important components is its processor. The processor’s power directly affects how quickly the machine performs tasks, processes data, and renders images. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of Intel processors, including the latest 8-core i7 or X-Series. In addition, Apple makes it easy to upgrade your processor with options ranging from standard configurations to highly custom options.

For multitasking tasks or gaming and streaming use cases, an 8- or even 16-core option is recommended for fast performance that won’t be bogged down by multiple applications running at once. However, for more intensive workloads such as high-end video production or audio editing, Apple offers options up to 28 cores for maximal throughput. Regardless of your specific needs, you’ll find a processor that can keep pace with your requirements.


Graphics capabilities are critical to the performance of Apple’s 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro, which is said to use a more powerful version of an AMD chip than the M1 Macs. In addition, it is rumored that the new iMac Pro will include discrete graphics options, such as up to 64GB GDDR6 RAM and a Radeon Pro 570X or 5500 XT GPU.

The reports also suggest that graphic features could be improved with support for ray tracing and highly optimized EDRAM memory. This should mean that gaming and graphics editing could offer a significantly enhanced experience than on current-generation Macs.

It is also speculated that this system will support two external displays, making it an ideal choice for those who deal with multimedia regularly. Also, rumor has it that this new iMac may also feature 8K video recording capabilities or 120Hz 4K ability, which would vastly improve the workflow when dealing with media projects or presentations.

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Given that the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro is expected to be a high-end model, it stands to reason that future users will enjoy a generous amount of RAM. Rumors suggest the upcoming machine could feature up to 128GB DDR4 of RAM or even 512GB or 1TB of the faster LPDDR4X RAM.

Whatever turns out to be the case, users should expect substantial improvements in this area over its predecessor. Such an arrangement should provide enough memory for most user scenarios, allowing for effective multitasking and faster loading times.

Additional memory could prove invaluable for more complex tasks such as 3D modeling and heavy content creation. As such, the 2022 iMac Pro would likely benefit from additional RAM setbacks.


The 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro is highly anticipated and could launch in June. One of the most important things people want to know before purchasing is the expected price.

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible prices of the Mini-LED iMac Pro, and how they could differ from the current model.

Expected cost

Apple rarely discusses prices before launching a new product, so it is difficult to determine the exact cost of the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro. However, considering that this version of the iMac Pro will include Apple’s high-end hardware and proprietary components, it is reasonable to assume that it will have a higher price than its predecessors. Apple typically charges more for its top-of-the-range products due to their better performance and access to advanced features.

If recent rumors are true, customers can expect the Mini LED iMac Pro to be at least twice as expensive as regular model models. Furthermore, some reports suggest additional costs may be associated with upgrades like increased memory or storage capacity. As more information becomes available about the 2022 Mini LED iMac Pro closer to its release window, we may get a better idea of pricing.


The 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro is expected to be released in June 2022. Though pricing information isn’t available yet, the newer version could likely come with a hefty price tag. It will likely fall somewhere between the current Mac Pro and iMac models, so you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for the newest device. Apple is known for producing high quality products and charging higher than their competitors.

This new model could cost up to $5000 or more for the highest specs, depending on what components you choose to include. Whether it will be possible to customize at this price point remains unknown, but users should anticipate spending more money upfront to take advantage of all this state-of-the-art machine has to offer. For potential buyers deciding whether or not they want a Mini-LED iMac Pro, understanding the cost associated with these devices is an important step in deciding which type of computer fits best into their budget and needs.

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After an in-depth look at the possible 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro, we can conclude that this could be an incredible machine. The Mini-LED display technology could offer an improved HDR experience, better brightness and contrast, and an even more immersive computing experience.

The device is also expected to have powerful processing power and high-end AMD graphics. These combined features could make the 2022 Mini-LED iMac Pro an impressive device.