With the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it’s never been easier to manage your personal finances. These apps will help you keep track of your spending and save more money in the long run.

The best money saving apps 2020 is a list of the best money apps to help manage and save money.

By installing these money apps now, you can better manage your finances and save hundreds of pounds.

Using a range of money applications may help you save thousands of pounds, not just hundreds. You may use them to keep track of your bank account balance, total expenditure, and savings. They may assist with not just money management abilities, but also with saving money. Check out these money-saving applications to get you started.


1. Plum

Plum, which was created to be the ideal money management software, is fantastic at saving money without even trying. You may connect the Plum app to all of your banks and credit cards to see how much money you have on hand at any one moment. What’s wonderful about this app is that you can start saving or investing at a pace that you’re comfortable with thanks to AI technology. The splitter allows you to create several pockets as well as investment funds.

The cost is nothing. Plum Plus is £1 per month, Plus Pro is £2.99 per month, and Plum Ultra is £4.99 per month – all of which provide increased saving and investing possibilities.

Benefits: Excellent for budgeting, saving, and investing without even trying.


2. Chip

Positioned as a straightforward, no-hassle investing platform. Chip is an excellent tool for putting money aside for a rainy day or a longer-term investment and seeing it grow. Every few days, Chip analyzes your transactions and estimates how much you can save. You still have control over your auto-saves and may cancel or change them before they happen.

The cost is nothing. Upgrade to an unlimited ChipAI subscription (£1.50 every 28 days) to have full access to their award-winning AI.

Benefits: All money you save with Chip may be monitored in the app at any moment. Chip connects to your bank account and calculates how much money you can save.


3. Monzo

You may create a digital-only bank account with a variety of entertaining features to assist you in managing your finances. As you can see, the Monzo card is brightly colored. You can categorize your daily expenditures and see it all in one place in the app. You may also manage your money by creating ‘Pots,’ which are helpful for ring-fencing any money you need. Monzo is one of the first of a slew of new app-based challenger banks to launch in the United Kingdom.

The cost is nothing. Monzo Premium costs £15 per month and comes with a variety of perks, but you must sign up for at least 6 months.

Benefits: Use various pots to manage your current account and budget.


4. Money Management Dashboard

Get the software that allows you to view all of your accounts in one location, calculate how much money you have till payday, and build your savings. Examine how your purchasing habits have evolved over time. By categorizing your expenditure, you may choose how it is grouped and organized. The app provides consumers with a TrueView® of their financial situation by consolidating all of their current accounts, credit cards, investment, and savings accounts from over 40 financial institutions and allocating each bank transaction to a distinct expenditure category, automatically organizing an individual’s finances.

The cost is nothing.

Benefits: Connect all of your accounts to get a single view of them all and to know how much money you have in each one at any one moment.


5. Expense Tracker

Spending Tracker is the most straightforward and user-friendly Personal Finance App available. It’s also completely free! You will be able to adhere to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY if you monitor your expenditures. You may create your own categories, so they aren’t dictated by the app. You may also set the app to budget mode, which may be useful for individuals who struggle to adhere to a budget.

The cost is nothing.

Benefits: It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your everyday expenses and figure out where your money is going by categorizing them. The dashboard can show you how much money you’ve spent over time, which is very helpful.

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The free money saving apps are the best way to help manage and save money. They can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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What app can help me manage my money?

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How can I save money and manage my money?

The best way to save money is by limiting your spending. This can be accomplished by using a budget and tracking your expenses in a spreadsheet.

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