Seven Anne Hathaway Iconic Acting Performances

The daughter of an actress and lawyer, Anne Hathaway is one of the most charming and widely acclaimed Hollywood actresses. In her childhood, she even performed at Carnegie Hall with a choir, and her first leading role in “The Princess Diaries” made her a star. A charming embodiment of romantic girlish rom-coms, Hathaway has also shined in profound dramas (“Dark Waters”, “Armageddon Time”), sci-fi adventure movies (“Interstellar”), period dramas (“Becoming Jane”), and superhero movies (“The Dark Knight Rises”).

Be it a movie or Lip Sync Battle, Anne handles all her performances and non-movie appearances with grace and sincerity. She brings incredible empathy into all her roles and remains a down-to-earth person supporting many charities. Her breakthrough role as princess of Genovia made it hard not to like Hathaway, and her later roles proved her versatility as an actress. The transition she made earned her praise and an Oscar award. Let’s look back at some of Hathaway’s most iconic acting performances.

“The Princess Diaries”  (2001) – Charming And Adorable

This light-hearted debut movie of eighteen-year-old Hathaway is a Cinderella-esque fantasy. And it launched her acting career. An adaptation of Meg Cabot’s young adult book, “The Princess Diaries” tells the story of teen Mia (Anne Hathaway). She suddenly realizes she is an heir of the European royal dynasty. A fifteen-year-old princess transforms into European royalty under the guidance of her grandmother (Julie Andrews). Hathaway’s charming performance is a highlight of this movie. Even viewers who don’t like rom-coms would find this movie adorable.

“The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) – Wide-Eyed Yet Insightful

A portrayal of Miranda Priestly’s assistant Andy Sachs is one of Hathaway’s most iconic acting performances. An aspiring journalist, Andy becomes a new employee at a high fashion magazine. Soon her boss, despotic editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), terrorizes her. Hathaway once said it was a delight to share scenes with her childhood idol.


 And her acting in this comedy-drama boasts energy and charisma. Whichever life goals you pursue (finish university, become an athlete or professional copywriter for Mason Slots login website), this movie may be insightful to you. The character of ambitious yet empathetic Sachs will certainly inspire you to perform better and believe in yourself.

“Brokeback Mountain” (2005) – Emotional And Impressive

Adapted from the short story Annie Proulx, this controversial neo-Western movie was a huge box-office hit. Part of the great ensemble cast (Ledger, Gyllenhaal, Williams), Hathaway delivered a solid acting performance as rodeo rider Lureen. Lureen is Jack’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) partner and wife. She brilliantly played a woman who suddenly realized her husband lived a double life and loved a man. Despite the shorter stage presence, she nailed her lines amazingly.

Especially the phone call scene with her husband’s former lover at the film’s end is one to rewatch.

“Les Misérables” (2012) – Oscar-Winning

Based on Victor Hugo’s novel and the stage musical of the same name, “Les Misérables” brought Hathaway an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. No wonder this role ushered her into new career heights. Her character Fantine is a complicated tragic character with many facets.

She is a desperate unwed mother, former factory worker, and prostitute. As Fantine, the actress even sang/yelled a song “I Dreamed I Dream” live. This final note is certainly an acting gem.

“Ella Enchanted” (2004) – Romantic And Adventurous

Three years after “The Princess Diaries”, Hathaway starred in another charming Cinderella-ish fantasy. Elle is a young girl with an unusual gift of obedience – she must obey any instructions others tell her. Her stepmother and stepsisters unceremoniously misuse her “peculiarity”.


 To get rid of her unique yet annoying gift, Ella embarks on an exciting adventure to find her voice. Hathaway’s “princess era” is amazing.

“One Day” (2011) – Profound And Empathetic

The role of the charismatic Emma Morley in this adaptation of David Nicholls’ novel was another interesting role of Anne. Emma, who wants to improve the world, meets Dexter (Jim Sturgess) at the student party. Selfish and windy Dexter is Emma’s opposite. They decide to “stay friends” after a spiritual night. However, one day the situation will change. Hathaway’s acting is incredibly empathetic which makes the narrative painfully relatable.

“Havoc” (2005) – Versatile And Dark

Barbara Kopple’s drama was an important point in Anne Hathaway’s career. Then she started to transition to more profound darker roles. Adorable and charming as “princess”, Hathaway played in “Havoc” a completely different character.  Hathaway’s Allison Lang is an upper-class teenager, who gets involved in the local hip-hop scene.