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Biography of the Artist

Buchanan, John D.

Cuban duo Gente de Zona (“People from the Neighborhood”) fused reggaeton with traditional rhythms like son and mambo to create a huge hit in their native country. They had been together for almost 15 years and had released four successful albums before breaking out worldwide with a duet with Latin megastar Enrique Iglesias.

They began as a hip-hop trio, performing at parties and local clubs, after forming in the Havana neighborhood of Alamar in 2000 by Alexander Delgado and Michel “El Caro” Delgado (no related). El Caro departed in 2005, and Alexander brought in Yosdany “Jacob Forever” Carmenates and Fernando “Nando Pro” Otero as replacements. Alexander moved to the then-popular genre of reggaeton, but blended it with traditional Cuban genres with which he had a connection, realizing that his songs had always had a commercial bent and wanting to appeal to all Cubans. The trio self-released their debut, eponymous album in 2005, after earning a smash song with “Pa’ la Gente de Mi Zona.” They joined with Planet Records in Italy in 2007 and released their second album, Lo Mejor Que Suena Ahora. In 2010 and 2012, the albums A Full and Oro: Lo Nuevo y Lo Mejor were released. The group’s popularity soared in Cuba, where many of their songs reached number one; their greatest success there was the ominous “El Animal.” They even released their own scent in 2011.

Gente de Zona Biography, Songs, & Albums | Jacob and Nando departed the group in 2012 to pursue their own musical projects, leaving Alexander as the only original member remained. Randy Malcom Martinez of the popular timba band Charanga Habanera was quickly poached, and he soldiered on. He formed a complete band and worked with the orchestra Habana de Primera to further his passion in traditional music. Collaborations with Pitbull on “Vacaciones” and Dominican rapper El Cata on “Con la Ropa Puesta,” which was a huge success in Latin regions, helped to boost Gente de Zona’s worldwide reputation. “Bailando,” a duet with Enrique Iglesias from his album Sex and Love, was their greatest international success in 2014, reaching number 12 on the Billboard list.

Visualizate La Gente de Zona released the pre-release song “La Gozadera” towards the end of 2016, which included Marc Anthony as a guest. On several charts, the song reached number two. In the spring, they followed it up with “Traidora,” another duet with Anthony. Visualizate, the follow-up album, was released at the end of April. Pitbull, Motiff, and AM, as well as Chino y Nacho & the Cadillacs, had cameo appearances on the album, in addition to the aforementioned songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gente de Zona nationality?

Gente de Zona is a Latin American band. Q:

Who signed Gente de Zona?

Gente de Zona is a Mexican band. The members of the band are Marco Antonio Solis, Luis Enrique, Juan Pablo del Real, and Daniel Hernandez. Q:

What genre is Gente de Zona?

Gente de Zona is a Latin pop band. Q:

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