Enchantment is a Swedish music duo consisting of Johan Karlberg and Pontus Winnberg. The group was formed in 2012 after the two met at a summer camp for aspiring musicians. They have released three albums, “The Way I Feel”, “Alone”, and “A New Day”.

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Enchantment, a smooth and melodic soul ensemble, was founded in 1967 at Detroit’s Pershing High School. Emanuel “E.J.” Johnson, Joe Thomas, Dave Banks, Ed “Mickey” Clanton, and Bobby Green won first place in a talent contest sponsored by local radio station WCHB in 1969, earning their first recording deal. The trio teamed up with Dick Scott’s Musicians International, a talent development organization for up-and-coming artists, the next year. Enchantment developed their art while at AI, focusing on stage presence, choreography, and developing their theatrical abilities by performing in musical productions around the city. In 1973, while playing at local nightclub Stage One, Enchantment met their future producer, Michael Stokes. They collaborated on the soundtrack for the film Deliver Us from Evil. In 1975, Polydor released “Call on Me,” a single recorded with Stokes, Paul Riser, and Jimmy Roach. The uptempo song should have been the group’s breakthrough, but it was poorly marketed.

Enchantment Enchantment subsequently signed with the Roadshow label and released their first album, which was named Enchantment. “Come On and Ride” was the first single from Enchantment (1977) to appear on the R&B chart. The dynamic showmen gained national fame with their second song, “Gloria,” later that year. The song hit number five on the R&B chart after being written and composed by dynamic lead vocalist Johnson. “Sunshine,” the follow-up, reached number three even higher. Once Upon a Dream (1978), the group’s second album, featured the plaintive “It’s You That I Need,” a number one R&B hit that lasted four weeks.

Soft Lights, Sweet Music Enchantment’s commercial popularity waned soon after their third and last Roadshow album, Journey to the Land Of…Enchantment (1979). RCA’s Soft Lights, Sweet Music (RCA, 1980), Columbia’s Enchanted Lady (Columbia, 1982), and Columbia’s Utopia (Columbia, 1983) all produced a crop of long-lasting contemporary R&B singles, including “I Can’t Be the One” and “Here’s Your Chance.” Despite the fact that they didn’t record after that, the group, still led by Johnson, continued to play successfully into the 2010s.

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