Coolest 5 Celebrity-Inspired Living Room Trends to Try This Year

Celebrity living rooms, we see them on social media, we see them in magazines; we see them everywhere. These upper-echelon living rooms are often a treasure trove of design inspiration, showcasing the rich and famous’s latest trends and personal styles.

By sitting down and taking a deeper look at these high-profile spaces, we can gain insights into the specific design choices that we can replicate in our own homes.

Here are the top five celebrity-inspired living room trends you can try this year to bring a touch of glamour to your own home.

Minimalistic vibes

Minimalism is everywhere in our favorite celebs’ homes, and it remains popular with celebs who like clean lines and even cleaner spaces. Minimalism shows that less really is more, focusing on the quality of the decor instead of quantity.

Successful celebrities like Kim Kardashian have embraced minimalist design with neutral color palettes, sleek furniture, and a few decor pieces to create a serene and sophisticated environment.


If you want to do this in your own home, choose simple and elegant furniture and keep the decor to a minimum. When used with neutral colors, this will add depth to the room without being too overwhelming.

Eclectic choices

Personalities and big careers can mean a big taste in design. This leads to an eclectic taste, which incorporates elements from different aesthetics, eras, and even cultures to create unique-looking rooms.

Homes like Robert Downey Jr. ’s have a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, bold colors, and unique art.


To do this in your own home, choose a unifying element, such as a color or pattern, and then layer in pieces from various styles and periods. Don’t be afraid to mix bold prints, vibrant colors, and unexpected textures to have the beautiful and unique living room of your dreams.


With the world waking up to the importance of sustainability, we see this importance resonating in interior design – with many of our favorite celebrities leading the way in eco-friendly design. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson are known for their commitment to the environment, which we can see in their choice of sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs.

If you want to jump on the sustainability train, go thrifting and look for furniture made from reclaimed wood, organic textiles, and non-toxic finishes. After that, you’ll want to bring plants into the house for their aesthetic appeal and the ‘environmentally conscious feel’.

Statement lighting

A big aspect of design that we sometimes overlook is the role of lighting in defining the ambiance of a living room. This is why many celebrities use lighting fixtures to add an elevated sense of ‘drama’ to their rooms. Be it a chandelier or a beautiful floor lamp, don’t be afraid to play with lighting.


To do this at home, pick a lighting feature that will stand out – whether for its design or its size. Making the light a salient point will mean choosing decor that complements the room but also allows the light to be the standout piece.

Bold colors

While some celebs, like Kim K, prefer a muted and light color palette, others prefer to use bold colors as their primary or accent color. Beyonce’s intermittent pop of color in her home adds energy to the space while giving it more character.

Doing this at home is really easy and doesn’t have to mean picking up a paintbrush to make the change. Incorporating bold color accents can be as simple as adding vibrant throw pillows, a colorful rug, or an eye-catching piece of artwork. However, the key is to create a balance between bold and neutral accents to make sure the room doesn’t feel chaotic. We suggest choosing one or two bold colors that complement your overall color scheme and using them sparingly to create impact.

Get to it!

Incorporating these celebrity-inspired trends into your living room allows you to create a stylish space that reflects your personal taste. Whether you prefer the clean lines of minimalism, the creativity of eclectic design, the consciousness of sustainability, the drama of statement lighting, or the vibrancy of bold colors, there’s a trend that can elevate your home’s interior!