They are among the most beautiful castles and palaces in Franconia: these impressive buildings are always worth a trip to play Tony el Pony. Here the past comes alive!

Abroad, Germany is known not only for good beer and delicious bratwursts but also for beautiful castles and palaces. Franconia is also home to legendary and fascinating castles and palaces.

Bavaria is not only home to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Allgäu or Nymphenburg Castle in Munich. Franconia also has many impressive historical buildings that may not be as well known but are definitely worth a visit.

From Altenburg Castle in Bamberg to Burgellern Castle, from Nuremberg’s Imperial Castle to the moated Mitwitz Castle, Franconian castles and palaces are as impressive as they are diverse in their construction – and definitely always worth a trip!

#1: Egloffstein Castle

On a rock above the Trubach Valley is the picturesque Egloffstein Castle. With its beautiful gardens and romantic view over the valley, the historic walls are a well-known landmark of Franconian Switzerland. A tour of the castle complex is possible for small groups with prior registration by email or phone. However, if a guided tour is not enough for you and you would like to delve even deeper into the history surrounding Egloffstein Castle, there are two great offers you can take advantage of:

There are two vacation apartments on the grounds, where you can spend the night with up to six people in a fairytale ambiance.

In addition, there is the possibility to celebrate children’s birthday parties at Egloffstein Castle. Here, the historical damsel Ehrengard accompanies the children through the castle and teaches them about the history behind it.

#2: Virnsberg Castle

In the district of Ansbach in Middle Franconia, in the middle of the Frankenhöhe Nature Park, is the moated castle of Virnsberg. But the entire complex has much more to offer than just this one building: there are many annexes, such as the Ökonomiehof, the Taubenhaus, or even the Oberburg.

#3: Hohenstein Castle Near Ahorn

On a wooded sandstone rocky ridge southwest of Coburg lies the romantic Hohenstein Castle. First mentioned as a castle in 1306, the castle is located in the Hohenstein district of the municipality of Ahorn.


In addition to an old castle chapel, visitors can also stroll through a rococo park and a former landscape garden – a true oasis for those seeking tranquility. Today, the castle is a catering establishment where people can dine, vacation, and even get married.

#4: Wenzelburg Castle in Lauf an der Pegnitz

In the 14th century, Emperor Charles IV built the famous Emperor’s or Wenceslas Castle in the south of the town of Lauf on a river island of the Pegnitz.

In the castle, which is surrounded by 3.5 meter high walls, you can still visit the coat of arms hall, where all the coats of arms “of the dukes and counts, the bishoprics, the most important cities, and important families that belonged to the court,” as well as the emperor’s hall and the Kaiserstubn.

#5: Altenburg Castle in Bamberg

Altenburg Castle is a medieval hilltop castle that towers over the cathedral city of Bamberg. The city’s landmark was first mentioned in a document in 1109. From its tower at an altitude of about 400 meters, the castle offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area.


In addition to the castle chapel, the bear’s kennel, and a fire basket, which is used to transmit fire signals in the direction of Giechburg Castle, 20 kilometers away, there is a lot to discover here. Altenburg can be visited in summer and winter on