Famous people have always been a beacon of inspiration. After all, they have access. In the fashion world especially, it’s smart to pay attention to tips from those with access to the best in the industry, as often their fashion choices are not just about trends but about an artful combination of personal flair, confidence, and a keen eye for what works.

So, if you want to take your self-expression to the next level with clothes, here are 3 tips.

Mix High and Low-End Fashion


There’s no need to break the bank just yet. Combining high-end and budget-friendly fashion pieces is an effective way to curate a unique but budget-conscious style. If nothing else, it means the chance to develop the ability to curate a look rather than buy one put together by someone else.

There are many ways to do this – from combining pieces with a color palette but different price ranges to pairing high-end statement pieces with affordable clothing.

For example, say you have a designer leather tote bag. Pairing it with a well-fitting, budget-friendly blazer, jeans, and a simple top makes the designer bag the focal point of your outfit, while the affordable clothing complements it, creating a chic contrast.

Embrace Confidence

Confidence is the key to pulling off any style. When you feel good in your clothes, it shows.

Notice how stylish celebrities exude confidence, making their fashion choices even more impactful.

You want to work on your self-confidence through positive self-talk or self-care routines. Then, choose outfits that align with your style that you’re still comfortable and confident in.

Imagine you love a bold, colorful dress but are still deciding whether to wear it. Why not boost your confidence by practicing good posture and reminding yourself why you love the dress? You’ll likely exude a self-assured demeanor that enhances the overall look when you finally wear it.

Tailoring Is Key

There are many body types, so it’s common to find clothing that doesn’t fit right. A perfect fit can make even simple pieces look exceptional, and almost every celebrity has their clothes tailored to a perfect fit.

So invest in tailoring or learn basic sewing skills to adjust your clothing, particularly how clothes fit in the shoulders, waist, and length.

For example, say you have a classic black blazer. You want it to hug your waist and drape perfectly because that’s how it’ll look more high-end and stylish than an off-the-rack alternative, even if it’s less expensive.

These tips, gleaned from famous and fashionable people, should help you curate your style and enhance your overall fashion sense. Remember that your preferences and body type are key to making these tips work for you.