ukbased 40m capital tempocaplundentechcrunch, the UK-based open banking-based account-to-account payments platform, recently raised $40 million in a Series C funding round. This is an impressive milestone for, considering that it was only founded in 2019.

What makes so attractive to investors? First, let’s look at what makes so attractive and why they have successfully raised so much money.

UK-based, an open banking-based account-to-account payments service, raises $40M is an international payments company that raised $40 million in Series A funding from investors such as Anthemis, Orange Digital Ventures and ABN Amro. The growth capital will help build upon its secure payments network and services for banks, businesses and individuals to use for their financial transactions across the globe.

Founded in 2016, provides a secure blockchain-based payment platform designed to offer improved security, privacy, speed and efficiency than traditional digital payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers. The digital tokens created by the platform are used to buy or exchange assets within any digital application environment such as cryptocurrencies, gaming tokens or travel points between approved users on their networks (banks, merchants etc). This ensures security without disrupting existing operations like payment processing or data transfer.

londonbased cota capital tempocaplundentechcrunch

By creating open protocols that facilitate direct settlement between users, Token eliminates intermediaries and the risks of cross-border fraud associated with traditional money transfer methods. Token also automates provisions associated with financial compliance regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements – reducing operational overhead costs related to KYC verifications while keeping customer data confidential during transactions. With its open platform approach and real-time processing capabilities built on blockchain technology, Token helps customers safely move large sums of money while saving them time through increased efficiency and transparency.

The Need for Funding

UK-based, an open banking-based account-to-account payments service, recently raised $40M in funding. This funding round was needed to help the company achieve its ambitious goals of becoming a global payments service and expand its operations into new markets.

Let’s take a look at why a company like needed to raise such a large amount of money:

Expansion of’s services raised $40M in funding to expand their services and offer more advanced security solutions for digital payments. With the additional capital, will be able to develop stronger encryption solutions and devote more resources towards researching new and innovative solutions in the area of tokenization, identity management, and secure messaging. In addition, the funding will also offer a better opportunity to push their technology out into the global payments ecosystem and the hands of consumers worldwide.

This move signals an important milestone for, who has quickly become a leader in secure payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Token’s mission is to offer tools that make it easier for merchants to accept digital payments securely while keeping customer data safe and private by protecting it at every step of the payment cycle with cryptographic tokens that can be generated whenever users initiate or manage a transaction.

Token’s platform already offers fraud protection services and identity authentication capabilities, drawing impressive interest from companies worldwide looking for reliable security protocols with top-notch encryption support. Following this new round of funding, their portfolio will expand dramatically with an array of advanced features such as:

  • Higher levels of access control and authorization.
  • Threat detection tools.
  • Machine learning algorithms for automated payment processing risk detection.
  • Better user interfaces geared towards modern user experiences.

Executing strategic partnerships

The need for funding can arise from many different causes, depending on the specific industry. In’s case, their goal was to be able to execute strategic partnerships with traditional financial institutions and technology companies. These partnerships are necessary for to obtain valuable market access and facilitate their product offerings’ development.

For instance, one of Token’s main goals is to build out a network that allows banks and other parties to easily send payments and money safely, quickly and securely while adapting to regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions – this requires significant capital as well as high-quality technology partners who are already established in the industry.

Token raised $40 million from various investors including Sia Partners, Creandum, Anthemis Group, Lykke AG, True Global Ventures, Nyca Partners, etc., so they could continue building these relationships. This exercise can often be costly due to legal hoops and governmental regulations associated with securing a partnerin banking or tech spaces globally. This funding allowed them not only to grow their network but also set up offices worldwide, which enabled them access into local markets while ensuring they adhere to local banking regulations.

londonbased cota tempocaplundentechcrunch

Additionally during this round of capital Token tapped settlement network provider Clear Bank as its first partner in the UK helping it accelerate ambitions to become a PSP (or Payment Service Provider). Clear Bank provided customers with faster payments using real-time settlement capabilities allowing Token customers faster access across Europe based on UK regulations instead of having to wait for cross border settlement solutions across borders which would have been cost prohibitive for individuals or SMEs due to higher transaction fees and costs associated with globalisation processes through banks in these countries originally.

Funding Round Details, a UK-based open banking-based account-to-account payments service, recently announced a successful funding round. Investors in the round included the likes of Octopus Ventures, PSI-Pay, and Frog Capital, who helped raise $40 million in total for the company. This round of funding will help expand its services and innovate in the open banking world.

Let’s take a look at what this funding round means for and the open banking world:

Investors involved in the funding round raised $40 million during a recent funding round. The funding round was led by some of the world’s most experienced and successful investors, including Oak HC/FT, Dawn Capital, LocalGlobe Ventures, Augmentum Fintech, Investment Circle and other high-profile investors from around the world.

The funds raised will help accelerate rapid growth and expand their global footprint. This includes investing in technology to improve user experience and strengthen Token’s industry-leading security standards. Additionally, the investment will assist in building out Token’s open banking technology platform which provides an ever-expanding set of APIs for developers to build fintech offerings quickly and easily.

Oak HC/FT is a venture capital firm that invests in companies transforming how health care is delivered and financial services are accessed in the United States. Other investors include Dawn Capital and LocalGlobe Ventures who specialise in early stage investments such as venture capital rounds, pre-seed rounds, seed rounds and Series A & B investments predominantly within Europe. In addition, AugmentumFintech is a UK based specialist fintech investor that seeks to invest primarily across Europe into market leading companies with ambitious founders. Finally, Investment Circle provides investment opportunities exclusively to professional investors at early stages of fixed-return equity crowdfunding rounds and tokenized debt offerings of London-based startups via its ISS platform (Investor Syndicate System).

With this additional funding comes expertise from a network of high quality investors who will bring invaluable access to experience in their respective domains – from healthcare through financial services & open banking technology – to help drive Token’s plans for accelerated growth worldwide.

Breakdown of the $40M raised

In its latest funding round, financial infrastructure platform raised $40 million from strategic and venture capital investors. The funds came in two parts: a $10 million strategic investment from SIA and SIGNO Venture Capital & Private Equity, and a $30 million round led by Kisco, Global Brain, Octopus Ventures and ABN AMRO Ventures.

The funds will fuel the continued development of Token’s cloud-native banking platform, which consists of open-source building blocks that enable banks worldwide to transform traditional payments into modern services. It also plans to expand its capabilities across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and North America.

The $10M strategic investment from SIA includes integrating Europe’s open banking infrastructure for payment initiation, account information and transaction authorization services. This allows Token customers to connect easily with European banks providing access to their complete suite of value-added services such as real-time Instant Payments Services (IMP/SEPA) and Account Aggregation (PSD2 AIS/XS2A).

Kisco acted as lead investor for the Series A raise and introduced global partners such as Global Brain, Octopus Ventures, ABN AMRO Ventures and CyberAgent early backers SIGNO Venture Capital & Private Equity (previous Seed Round Lead VC), Global Brain Corp., Connect Ventures participated in this round adding to their previous investments alongside potential strategic investors such as SIA – an Italian IT service provider. With these new add-ons Token raised a total amount of US$ 40m in this Series A1 funding round allowing it to further expand globally while continuing the development of its products & services tailored towards banks worldwide.

Impact of the Funding Round

UK-based’s announcement of a $40M funding round sparks great excitement in the fintech market, as the money will be used to finance their open banking-based account-to-account payment service.

The funding round will tremendously impact the company’s operations and operations of other businesses in the sector. This article will explore the impact of this funding round and how it will change the fintech landscape.’s plans for the funds

The recent capital raise puts in the position of being one of the most well-funded companies within the blockchain space, and their plans for the funds give some insights into what we can expect from them shortly. will use the funds to continue developing their customer acquisition, product development, and sales operations. In addition, they are turning towards customer experience reinvention with a focus on crafting innovative open banking solutions that are universal across Europe and compatible with more than 1,500 European banks. series cota tempocaplundentechcrunch

This is also projected to benefit upcoming projects such as TurnKey KYC™️, an end-to-end customer onboarding solution that supports Open Banking in Europe through API integration with Token OS™️. This solution enables customers to connect with their bank accounts during registration safely, securely and quickly — all aspects vital to user onboarding via API integrations today. Additionally, they plan to use these funds to continue pioneering security efforts that facilitate a safe online payments experience for users through certified identity assurance without hidden costs or high latency times.

By leveraging these next level services — especially those driven by API integrations such as Open Banking — Token aims to create a truly frictionless payments experience for all users worldwide.

Benefits for customers raised $40M in a private funding round as part of their mission to create the most secure and user-friendly way for businesses of all sizes to send and receive payments. This recent investment demonstrates customer confidence in the Token technology platform.

For customers, this means that Token has the financial backing necessary to continue developing trusted products that are easier and faster to use than traditional payment systems. Token’s digital infrastructure enables businesses to secure peer-to-peer payments using fiat currencies, crypto assets, or decentralised applications through its API-driven system. A range of services offered by Token enable customers to:

  • Save on fees associated with money transfer services
  • Increase overall efficiency by streamlining reconciliation efforts across multiple accounts
  • Improve global marketplace access through its wide network of partnerships
  • Provide access to improved liquidity via its network of exchange partners

By raising $40M in funding, Token has grown its infrastructure and technology capabilities – domestically and abroad – to better serve their customers’ needs. This increased focus helps businesses worldwide reduce costs, improve liquidity management processes, increase transaction speed and accuracy, and reduce risks associated with international payments.

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