Cookie Johnson is the wife of basketball legend, Magic Johnson. She is a strong woman who has persevered through hard times in her life to raise their two children both with Down syndrome while becoming an advocate for people living with disabilities. You can find more information about Cookie at

Cookie Johnson is the wife of basketball player Magic Johnson. She has been with him for over 50 years now and she is still as beautiful as ever.

Cookie Johnson embodies the word “loyalty.” This WAG had to deal with one of the most difficult circumstances a woman may encounter in her lifetime. She did, however, come out on top, and for that, she deserves a standing ovation. Cookie is unlike any other woman we’ve ever seen in the history of WAGs. Her autobiography is a must-read.

Who-is-Cookie-Johnson-The-inspiring-story-of-Magic-JohnsonsThis lady epitomizes loyalty. — courtesy of Instagram

A successful author’s biography

Earlitha Kelly is Cookie Johnson’s birth name. Earl and Cora Kelly welcomed her into the world on January 20, 1959, in Huntsville, Alabama. Cookie is a black lady who graduated from high school before enrolling at Michigan State University.

1627990212_694_Who-is-Cookie-Johnson-The-inspiring-story-of-Magic-JohnsonsCookie is a New York Times best-selling novelist. Her book is an absolute must-read. — courtesy of Instagram

Did you know that between 1977 and 1979, Magic attended Michigan State University? Because he was a prominent player at his institution, word of his skill spread fast. He was at a freshmen party, and Cookie was there as well. Every other female in the room was vying for his attention. Cookie felt the same way, but she didn’t believe Magic would choose her. He did, though, and the two started dating. 

Cookie’s union with Magic Johnson

Despite the fact that Magic met Cookie in 1977, he had no intention of marrying her straight immediately. The guy was a loose cannon who was having as much fun as he could. Things seldom stay the same. Magic proposed to Cookie a little over a decade after they first met. In 1991, the two of them married in Lansing, Michigan. At the time, she was expecting her son EJ, and that’s when everything changed for her. Cookie received the terrible news of Magic’s HIV diagnosis 45 days into her marriage.

1627990214_653_Who-is-Cookie-Johnson-The-inspiring-story-of-Magic-JohnsonsTheir connection remained enchanted. — courtesy of Instagram

Was the marriage able to weather the storm? 

What do you do when you find out that your spouse, the father of your unborn child, has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? To be more specific, a sexually transmitted illness. Should you abandon ship and go your separate ways, or should you stick together and ride out the storm?

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Cookie Johnson was confronted with the most difficult question she had ever encountered in her life. She considered it and chose to remain at Magic Johnson’s side. Was Cookie courageous, or was she just plain stupid? She had no idea, and all she wanted was to remain at her man’s side. Cookie and Magic Johnson battled his illness together, which put them on an emotional rollercoaster. EJ had been born, and they had also adopted a second kid. Life would never be the same again, but it would only get better from there.

1627990214_667_Who-is-Cookie-Johnson-The-inspiring-story-of-Magic-JohnsonsMaintain your composure. Like Cookie, for example. — courtesy of Instagram

Mrs Johnson, who had been married to the former footballer for 30 years, decided to concentrate on her own life after assisting her husband in his recovery. To keep herself busy, she started companies, published a book, and did a variety of other activities. She currently has her own CJ brand of jeans that she creates and sells. Cookie Johnson is a role model for many young women who lament the lack of time they have for themselves. This woman has shown that life offers you plenty of breathing room to accomplish anything you desire. Is that something you’re willing to take on?

1627990215_613_Who-is-Cookie-Johnson-The-inspiring-story-of-Magic-JohnsonsThe Magic family has increased in size. — courtesy of Instagram

The Magic Johnson Foundation was founded by Cookie and her husband. She is the Foundation’s Secretary of the Board of Directors and strives to improve the health and social lives of individuals from low-income areas. Cookie has also guaranteed that her HIV/AIDS battle would extend beyond the confines of her household. You didn’t imagine she’d just stop at her house, did you?

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Cookie Johnson is the wife of Magic Johnson. She was a professional basketball player and a member of the Women’s National Basketball Association. Reference: magic johnson net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Cookie is 15 years old.

A: Cookie Johnson is a fictional character from the popular animated sitcom The Fresh Beat Band.

A: Magic and Cookie have been married for only a few months.

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