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Reach Desk is a virtual mailbox and package management service based in San Francisco, CA. The company was founded in 2017 and recently closed its $43 million Series B funding.

Through its cloud-based platform, Reachdesk provides consumers and businesses with a secure and streamlined experience for managing their postal mailings.

In this article, we will take a look at the company and the features of their service.

What is Reachdesk?

Reachdesk is a customer engagement and automated customer experience platform that helps companies provide fast and seamless customer interactions. Its innovative approach combines best-of-breed customer experience technology with powerful automation tools, enabling companies to reach out to their customers most efficiently. In addition, by leveraging data-driven insights, Reachdesk can identify the most effective channels for customer engagement, allowing companies to build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Recently, ReachDesk has closed a $43 million Series B round led by venture capital firm GV (formerly Google Ventures), bringing its total funding raised to date up to $75 million. This new capital injection will enable ReachDesk’s executives to further develop the platform and expand internationally, while continuing its mission of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Overview of Reachdesk

Reachdesk is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform enabling businesses to easily manage customer interactions. By leveraging the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Reachdesk provides a comprehensive system for handling customer inquiries and feedback.

In April 2021, Reachdesk announced that it raised $43 million in a Series B funding round, which will help the company to expand its reach and services.

This overview will delve into the features and benefits of using Reachdesk.

Overview of Reachdesk’s products and services

Reachdesk is a cloud-based workplace productivity platform that helps enterprises organize, manage, and customize their workflows to increase efficiency, drive team collaboration, and identify potential issues before they significantly impact business operations. Founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco, California, Reachdesk provides employment solutions for mid- to large-sized businesses across diverse industries.

Reachdesk simplifies employee onboarding processes with its easy-to-use digital interface and pre-defined templates. Additionally, the platform offers dynamic document management tools that allow users to search and locate information faster. Its intuitive automation feature intelligently sends notifications about performance reviews or employee surveys based on user preferences. Furthermore, its centralized administration dashboard lets managers monitor employee activity across departments and locations in real time.

Reachdesk also provides various features such as customizable reporting services, task tracking capabilities to organize projects better within teams or departments, analytics tools to measure performance quickly as well as timesheets with individualized timesheet capabilities making it easier for team members to review data on employees and overall productivity levels at all times. In June 2020 Reachdesk closed a $43 million Series B round of funding. The new funds are intended to expand the reach of Reachdesk’s products and services into new markets globally and expand their existing customer base within their existing markets.

Reachdesk’s customer base

Reachdesk is an AI platform that enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams to connect with past customers and to identify new prospects at scale. Reachdesk’s customer base includes leading companies across industries such as Salesforce, Dell Technologies, and Atlassian. In April 2021, the company closed a $43 million Series B funding round to further expand its AI capabilities and broaden its reach.

Reachdesk’s standout feature is its ability to target high-value customers through a personalized experience at scale. By combining data enrichment services with secure contact verification technology and analytics insights, Reachdesk enables businesses to find the right prospects to maximize results from sales outreach efforts.

Moreover, Reachdesk allows sales teams to access up-to-date contact information for current or past customers to re-engage customers who may have gone dormant or have been lost in previous outreach attempts. This comprehensive approach allows businesses of any size to understand their customer base better and make more informed decisions about who they contact next — all without requiring manual outbound efforts.

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Reachdesk closes $43 million Series B

Reachdesk, the retail automation and customer support platform, has recently closed their series B funding round, raising $43 million. This marks a major milestone for this rapidly growing company and is a testament to their success.

This funding will help them expand their operations and reach more customers. First, let’s look at what ReachDesk is, and why their latest success is important.

Reachdesk’s $43 million Series B funding

Reachdesk, a leading customer experience (CX) automation platform, recently announced the completion of its Series B funding round, raising an impressive $43 million. This new funding round was led by strategic investors including Atlassian Ventures, Mood Rowley Ventures and eight additional unnamed investors.

This new investment round will allow Reachdesk to continue expanding its product offering and grow its customer base to become the premier CX automation company. The capital received from this latest funding round will be used to accelerate product innovation and customer acquisition with investments in research & development programs as well as data analytics, marketing, engineering and sales initiatives. In addition, these funds will help Reachdesk expand into new markets, strengthen customer engagement and drive customer success through targeted campaigns and unique feature offerings.

Reachdesk’s CEO Darren Dolce said: “We are thrilled to have completed our series B funding round.” He said, “Our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience that delights our customers while driving bottom-line results for them … This funding enables us to continue executing on our plans as we scale up rapidly.”

The future looks bright for Reachdesk and this recent series B funding highlights their current success as a CX automation leader in the market.

Reachdesk’s plans for the future

Reachdesk, an AI-driven sales acceleration platform, recently announced closing a $43 million Series B funding round led by Microsoft’s venture arm M12. The company also saw participation from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Female Founders Fund.

The new funds bring the total amount raised to $53 million and will be used to further expand the company’s team and its proprietary AI technology for client success. Reachdesk is well-poised to become a market leader in sales acceleration platforms which can help companies reach their goals faster.

Going forward, Reachdesk plans to use this new round of funding to continue developing their

AI-driven solutions that help increase customer success and accelerate growth across customers’ entire channel network. In addition, they will continue their global expansion strategy by focusing on advanced capabilities such as internationalization, customer insights and enterprise productivity tools within the Reachdesk suite.

The team at Reachdesk believes in providing clients with unparalleled value beyond traditional sales acceleration solutions. Their mission is to create a platform where proactive customer service is at the core of their solutions stack – enabling their partners with actionable insights for faster time-to-market launch cycles. Ultimately, this will help them become a leading provider of innovative customer experience solutions across multiple industries worldwide.

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Benefits of Reachdesk

Reachdesk is a cloud-based CRM and sales automation software that helps businesses close deals faster. This solution helps companies manage customer data, identify prospects and close deals faster.

After recently raising $43 million in Series B funding, Reachdesk is on its way to becoming one of the leading sales automation solutions in the market.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of using Reachdesk in more detail.

Reachdesk’s competitive advantages

Reachdesk is an end-to-end cloud platform that enables businesses to build and manage custom self-service consumer experiences. Reachdesk was founded in 2019, offering enterprises a way to engage customers in new and innovative ways. By raising money and working with established investors, Reachdesk has become a big customer service player.

Reachdesk’s competitive advantages can be broken down into three main categories: scalability, usability, and automation. Reachdesk’s unique scalability makes it ideal for companies of all sizes, from large enterprises to startups. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for any business owner or employee to setup and customize its features without technical assistance. It also supports automated processes, removing manual work from tasks such as customer support ticketing or product training. Reachdesk’s robust infrastructure also ensures maximum performance with secure data storage and reliable uptime.

Reachdesk provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of customer service tools and helps them create high performance customer experiences that capture business insights quickly and easily. With powerful analytics capabilities such as predictive modeling and real-time data analysis, Reachdesk helps users make more informed decisions faster while enabling seamless integration with existing systems like CRMs and ITSs through prebuilt integrations or APIs. This allows companies to extract more value from their existing investments while leveraging the power of one single integrated platform—allowing organizations to do less manual work while optimizing their costs.

All in all, with its strong competitive advantages combined with its proven ability to help organizations automate manual labor – save time – make better decisions faster –lower operating costs – protect customer data & privacy – operate at scale – provide an unmatched level of service – enable improved customer acquisition & retention—it is clear why businesses have chosen Reachdesk as their go-to solution for enterprise software needs since 2019!

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Reachdesk’s commitment to customer success

Reachdesk is committed to customer success, dedicated to making the lives of accountants and finance professionals easier, accelerating their professional growth, and ultimately helping them succeed. The company provides comprehensive financial solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises. This includes financial modeling and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, CRM setup and integration, accounts payable (AP) automation, accounts receivable (AR) automation, document automation and workflow management.

Reachdesk also invests heavily in R&D to ensure they are constantly innovating their products. This is evident in the recently-closed Series B funding round of $43 million where investors supported the vision of Reachdesk’s commitment to revolutionizing the accounting ecosystem. The investments will be used towards further product development and customer success initiatives.

These funds have already been put to use in creating new customer support programs such as 24/7 live chat support to answer customers’ questions faster; a new mobile application that allows customers a more convenient way of tracking their finances; investing in AI capabilities that can help process invoices more efficiently; and more features released quickly with regular software updates. These products help small businesses save time on mundane tasks to focus on growing their business without worrying about administrative upkeep for finance functions. Time saved on manual data entry can be allocated towards higher value tasks that drive business growth instead.


Reachdesk’s successful $43 million Series B round is a testament to the company’s commitment to using technology to enhance customer relationships.

Reachdesk’s platform enables businesses to better manage their customer relationships and track, analyze and optimize their customer communications. As a result, their software helps businesses meet customer service expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

This article has discussed the benefits of Reachdesk and how the conclusion of their Series B round indicates their success.