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Reachdesk is a New York-based corporate gifting marketplace that has recently raised 43 million dollars in funding.

Reachdesk is a digital platform that allows businesses to easily manage and send corporate gifts to their clients, partners, and employees without manual intervention. Through Reachdesk, businesses can choose from various gifting options, customize their gifts, and easily manage their inventories.

This article will explore the benefits of using Reachdesk for corporate gifting.

Overview of Reachdesk

Reachdesk is an online corporate gifting marketplace that helps businesses worldwide make convenient digital GIFTS. Founded by Avi Hussain and Yassine Diboun in 2016, Reachdesk has since taken the corporate gifts industry by storm, offering digital services for all businesses, no matter the size, in an increasingly digitized world. In July 2020, Reachdesk raised $43 million for its digital gifting enterprise.

Reachdesk makes products that allow companies to send customizable digital gifts from any device across any channel. It offers seamless gifting experiences and powerful platform integrations to give clients more time back while fostering relationships between buyers and customers through personalized messaging and interactive experiences. Furthermore, Reachdesk offers a wide array of features including automated distribution flows; ready-to-use webhooks; instant tracking & analytics; dynamic product selection algorithms; automated or manual workflows calibration systems; team collaboration tools; API & plugin library integration tools and more!

Ultimately, Reachdesk provides clients with a streamlined solution for corporate gifting— allowing them to quickly and easily find meaningful gifts tailored to different relationships with greater flexibility than ever before! Finally, living up to its goal of creating lasting professional relationships built around thoughtful keepsakes, it seeks to empower organizations with the power of marketing through personalized gifting experience driven by data insights.

Benefits of Reachdesk

Reachdesk is a New York based corporate gifting marketplace that recently raised $43 million in funding. This platform provides various business benefits, from corporate gifting and rewards to rewards-based marketing.

Let’s look at some benefits of using Reachdesk for your corporate gifting needs.

Corporate Gifting Marketplace

Reachdesk is a New York based corporate gifting marketplace that enables its customers to reward and recognize employees, business partners, and others with meaningful, personalized gifts. Reachdesk ensures that your gifts are always on-trend and meet corporate responsibility standards. In addition to providing a custom gift experience for organizations of any size, Reachdesk also offers comprehensive data tracking with real-time insights and reporting capabilities.

The online corporate gifting marketplace from Reachdesk allows companies to streamline their corporate gifting process while maintaining consistent branding standards and staying within their budget. Reachdesk provides a full suite of customisable features allowing you to select the right gift items according to criteria like occasion, event or purpose – on budget and on time every time! Their inventory includes branded merchandise across multiple categories including technology gadgets and accessories, stylish apparel items, handpicked wines & spirits and unique experiences.

Reachdesk also makes it easy for companies to extend appreciation at scale through automated campaigns that manage sending hundreds – even thousands – of gift options without adding extra staff or too much expense. With automated campaign upgrades such as personalization for recipients’ names & messages or location-based services offering local delivery in cities nationwide, Reachdesk enables organizations of any size to provide the ultimate in gifting experiences from start to finish.

Another advantage of using Reachdesk is its integration with managed accounts that enable brands to store pre-approved amount limits within their online account’s balance sheet – immediately available anytime for launch campaigns instantly when required over a certain period. Plus, with secure payment processing, users can make as many payments as necessary within one secure system, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple files! So all these features make ReachDesk best suited for businesses who want efficient management of corporate gifting activities without compromising quality or value!

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Customization Options

Reachdesk offers unparalleled customization options to its clients, allowing them to personalize the products they send. Customization options include various products, packaging, cards, and messages tailored to suit different client needs – from small-scale corporate gifting for individuals businesses, to larger-scale corporate gifting for companies and organizations.

Reachdesk also offers additional features such as adding custom photos and images, or including promotional materials or other policies relating to corporate gifts within each product. In addition, Reachdesk users can personalize their orders according to their specific requirements and use the platform to send meaningful messages that reflect their brand or personal style.

The customization options offered by Reachdesk make it an ideal solution for anyone looking for high-end gifts that are unique in design and crafted with love. With Reachdesk’s range of customization options and its commitment to providing quality products with a cost-effective price tag, it’s no wonder why people across New York and other parts of the United States have been turning towards Reachdesk as their go-to provider of corporate gifting solutions.

Automated Delivery

Reachdesk provides a hassle-free automated delivery system for its corporate gifting marketplace. With its user-friendly interface and automated process, corporate admins can instantly order and send gifts to their employees. Reachdesk handles the entire transaction from ordering to delivering, saving admins time and money. In addition, their online platform offers an easy-to-use dashboard from which admins can view the status of each order in real time.

Reachdesk’s checkout process is simple and secure, with integrated payment solutions to ensure sensitive information remains safe. In addition, admins can track gifting campaigns with detailed analytics to see how recipients use each gift. Automated processes such as these Reachdesk gives admins complete control over their gifting operations while streamlining their day-to-day activities.

Admins can save countless hours when using Reachdesk’s efficient delivery system compared to traditional methods of corporate gifting. In addition, by eliminating manual steps and paperwork associated with ordering and sending gifts, admins have more time to focus on other tasks or projects they deem important – all while continuing to strengthen relationships in the workplace through thoughtful corporate gifting programs.

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Personalized Experiences

Reachdesk is a New York City based corporate gifting marketplace that helps businesses provide personalized experiences to their customers. By leveraging an end-to-end gifting platform, Reachdesk simplifies the gifting process, ensuring companies provide thoughtfully curated, memorable gifts that can be tailored to individuals or groups.

Organizations can choose from various bespoke products and items ranging from apparel and leather goods to technology such as phones and laptops. In addition, the user-friendly platform allows customers to customize the look and feel of their gifts with printed logos, messages and unique designs.

Personalization is key when choosing gifts for clients or employees, as it demonstrates thoughtfulness while adding value by creating an experience beyond just the product offering itself. Through Reachdesk’s comprehensive suite of services, businesses can access individualized corporate gifting solutions designed specifically for their organizations. This allows for a hands-on approach in providing personalized experiences through expertly crafted gift packages.

New York Based Reachdesk raises $43m for its corporate gifting marketplace

Reachdesk is a New York-based corporate gifting marketplace that raised over $43 million recently. With its presence in New York, Reachdesk offers many benefits for businesses.

Whether looking for a better way to reward your team or searching for unique corporate gifts, Reachdesk can help.

Let’s explore some of the major benefits of using Reachdesk.

Overview of the Funding Round

Reachdesk, the corporate gifting marketplace based in New York, has just completed their Series C funding round. The $43 million raised in the round comes from three investors: Amasia, Foundry Group and Khosla Ventures.

Reachdesk plans to use this funding to expand their presence in New York City by hiring more staff and establishing new offices. In addition, they want to improve technology and continue consolidating their leadership position in the marketplace.

The funds will be used for marketing and user acquisition activities and to grow the platform’s capabilities and features. With these resources, Reachdesk can bring on top-tier talent since the company is now valued at over $200 million. This will be especially beneficial for customers who want a personalized gifting experience from unique brands that set them apart from traditional corporate gifts.

In some press coverage, ReachDesk CEO Munjal Shah indicated that they are also looking to expand globally—Australia is said to be one of their target markets—to meet even more of their customer’s needs worldwide.

Overall, this round of funding will provide ReachDesk with much needed resources to achieve success on a larger scale—both within New York City regionally as well as globally—all while maintaining its commitment to its customers with exceptional corporate gifting services worldwide.

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Expansion Plans

Reachdesk recently announced that it has raised $43 million in Series B funding, intending to expand their reach in the corporate gifting market. The move is part of Reachdesk’s plans to rapidly grow their corporate presence in New York and beyond. Additionally, Reachdesk is looking to strengthen its presence and supply chain capabilities in North America, Europe and Asia through this investment.

This new funding follows on from an $18 million Series A round led by Goldman Sachs last year, which pushed ReachDesk’s total funding above $60 million. The space is becoming increasingly competitive with a shift toward experiential gifting solutions offered by tech companies such as ReachDesk. The additional capital will help ReachDesk differentiate itself from its competition by underlining its commitment to offering personalized customer service and sophisticated customization capabilities in a user-friendly platform at scale.

The company plans to use some of the funds raised to scale business operations across Europe and Asia while consolidating its presence in New York City with exciting new expansions, including entering into strategic partnerships with some of the city’s leading tech innovators. They will also focus on developing more intuitive user experiences — leveraging technology such as AI/ML for personalization recommendation systems for customers and strengthening their engagement practices for their clients through deepening connections fostered through person-to-person interactions.

Moreover, the capital infusion will enable ReachDesk to expand its offerings beyond just corporate gifting — offering marketing consultancy services linked directly to global sales activities and engagements around unique gift delivery experiences for businesses looking for assistance strategizing around creating impactful customer loyalty programs or forming customized team-building events for customers or potential clients.

In essence, this new infusion of capital provides ReachDesk with not only additional financial resources but also further motivation towards strengthening their corporate presence in New York City while expanding their international reach — providing them with enough ammunition to build a truly transformative gifting experience at scale on both a regional and global level.


New York Based Reachdesk raises $43m for its corporate gifting marketplace, confirming its potential as a key player in the corporate gifting world.

With Reachdesk, businesses have access to a wide variety of gifting options and a streamlined platform for managing gifting campaigns.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Reachdesk for corporate gifting and provide an overview of its features.

Summary of Benefits

New York-based Reachdesk has become a major player in the corporate gifting marketplace. The company has recently raised $43 million and is proving to be a reliable choice for businesses everywhere. Reachdesk offers multiple benefits, such as:

1. Easy Solutions – Reachdesk’s platform makes sending corporate gifts easy, from design and selection to delivery tracking. The process is backed by company customer service representatives who can help with anything from ordering to branding advice.

2. Variety of Options – Reachdesk provides plenty of options for corporate gifts and presents. Whether you’re looking for end-of-year rewards, employee recognition or thank yous – they have something for every occasion.

3. Quality Guarantee – All items on the Reachdesk platform are sourced ethically and sustainably and crafted with high quality materials that will last for years.

4. Cost Savings – As one of the leading providers in the industry, Reachdesk guarantees competitive prices and offers discounts on bulk orders so customers can save even more money and give back more to their team members or customers with their purchases.