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Buildots is an AI-powered construction management platform transforming how construction tasks are managed. With its comprehensive platform, Buildots allows businesses to streamline construction management processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.

This article will review the various benefits of using Buildots, including its ability to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve project visibility, and more.

Overview of Buildots

Buildots is a cloud-based construction technology platform designed to help contractors, architects, and owners plan and manage construction projects from anywhere. It offers compelling features ranging from powerful project planning to detailed daily reporting.

Buildots provides all the tools needed for a successful construction project, but more importantly, it has been designed to improve productivity and efficiency on the job site. Industry veterans developed the app with decades of experience managing large commercial construction projects. They aimed to provide an easy-to-use tool that facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders.

Using Buildots, owners and general contractors can gain valuable insights into their projects with real-time data captured from mobile sensors and onsite cameras. Not only does this allow for accurate tracking of performance against agreed schedules and budgets and provides detailed reports at every stage of a project for complete transparency.

By streamlining workflow processes with automated tools such as task lists, quality assurance reports, daily/weekly dashboards, job cards, checklists and client feedback surveys, Buildots has become an invaluable resource to many small-medium sized enterprises as global corporations across multiple industries. In addition, offering quick access to reliable information relatively quickly compared to traditional methods has resulted in cost savings while ensuring better predictability when it comes to delivery times of projects.

AI-powered construction management platform Buildots lands $60M

Buildots is an AI-powered construction management platform that has recently landed a $60M venture capital investment. It is designed specifically for the construction industry and helps to automate processes, improve efficiency, and save time.

This article will discuss the benefits of using Buildots and why it may be the perfect solution for your construction needs.

AI-powered analytics

Buildots provides a suite of AI-powered analytics solutions that enable efficient and accurate analysis of construction projects. Combining AI and 3D models enables Buildots to quickly identify key factors impacting project costs, such as labour efficiency, resource allocation, and material choices. Additionally, the software can identify any potential problems before they become critical — providing comprehensive insights into the progress and performance of any project.

Using these AI-powered analytics, Buildots helps reduce planning errors and reworks related to human oversight or miscommunication. It can also highlight inefficiencies caused by unsuitable resources or suboptimal methods, resulting in cost savings during the preparation phase. This information can be broken down further to better develop optimised plans that maintain key deliverables while cutting down on unnecessary expenses — providing maximum value for time spent.

Beyond preparing for activity on site, Buildots provides continuous field monitoring to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget over their lifetime. By leveraging the autonomy of its AI-driven algorithms with traditional processes based on facts observed in real-time physical data — safety hazards are spotted early on, ensuring risks are isolated rapidly for resolution or avoidance altogether.

By introducing accurate analytics informed by an array of reliable sources into an engineering workflow — human decision making is improved with ease and precision when making critical decisions about resources availability and gaining insights necessary for executing tasks faster and more smoothly than ever.

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Automated project management

Buildots is an AI-driven platform that provides automated project management, increases visibility, optimises cost and time, and reduces risk. By utilising state-of-the-art 3D scanning, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, it offers a fully automated solution for construction projects.

Buildots automates project management operations such as tracking progress of tasks, analysing data to identify discrepancies between reality on the ground with plans in a predefined timeline. This leads to enhanced accuracy of planning and improved productivity of construction processes. In addition, the platform allows instant comparison between stakeholders involved in the process which helps optimise processes with insights from different perspectives to create faster and better decisions.

In addition, Buildots eliminates manual labour by providing actionable insights that are wholly generated through its sophisticated methodological approach based on computer vision algorithms and big data analysis. It continuously collects data to identify risks or potential issues early. As a result, it helps realise potential savings by identifying potential bottlenecks or missed opportunities while controlling quality at all project lifecycle stages. Moreover, Buildots enables users to easily produce comprehensive reliable reports with real-time visualised insights into their projects’ development.

Real-time project tracking

Real-time project tracking with Buildots is a huge advantage over traditional methods of project management that rely on manual tracking. With Buildots, you can monitor real-time progress and be alerted if problems arise. As a result, all stakeholders in the process have visibility to the project’s progress and can make decisions based on current data, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy of construction projects.

In addition, Buildots provides better analysis and reporting for project managers, enabling them to easily run accurate reports. For example, analytics on delays, cost overruns or other pertinent information can be easily identified using Buildot’s powerful analytics engine. This also allows managers to make well-informed decisions resulting in fewer mistakes and better overall performance of the construction project from start to finish.

Buildots’ real-time tracking system helps improve communication between contractors, subcontractors and owners regarding task completion deadlines and budgeting analysis for a more transparent view into execution for all involved. Furthermore, it allows changes or additions to be addressed promptly resulting in improved product quality since there is no waiting around for information regarding progress or reviews on task completions.

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Automated document management

Buildots makes automated document management easy and efficient. All documents associated with your building project, such as plans, 3D models and drawings, can be safely collected in one place. In addition, the system offers easy access to all design versions, eliminating any chance of human error or confusion in your workflow. Plus, Buildots lets you quickly locate key information during construction or reconstruction when requested for documentation.

The automation technology within Buildots will streamline the whole document management process for building projects by automatically creating separate folders for design versions; importing data from existing folders; naming based on a predefined template; redirecting user’s commits directly from their local folders arriving into their accounts in a few milliseconds; and giving each participant brief access control to only the necessary records. This makes monitoring and managing various documents within a single building project much easier.

This also helps reduce human errors that might occur when uploading information into the system, since everything is handled on an automated basis – no more manual labour needed! Additionally, users are given useful analytics on how much time has been saved thanks to Buildots’ intelligent automation system.

Robust project collaboration

Using Buildots for robust project collaboration increases efficiency, flexibility, and control. Powerful tools like its document management system, task tracking system and collaboration options create an easy-to-use environment that saves time, reduces costs, and maximises productivity.

In addition to the collaborative workflow tools in Buildots, users can access a wide variety of analytics dashboards and real-time data tracking, allowing managers to rest assured that their team is working in sync and on time. This eliminates the need for manual updates after every project phase as users can view granular details about budgets and timelines even before completing their projects. The dashboard also includes analytics around document storage capacity levels, due tasks/dates/priorities for team members, resources such as planned flights & hotels for projects etc.. Hence, users always have a full picture of the project timeline.

Furthermore, the Project Updates feature lets users keep everyone informed on what’s happening during each stage of their project. As a result, businesses using Buildots’ real-time updates are equipped with the confidence they need to make well-informed decisions quickly while keeping all stakeholders up-to-date with progress reports and timelines – all within a single platform.

Impact of Recent Funding

Buildots, an AI-powered construction management platform recently raised $60 million in funding, which will have a huge impact on the platform’s future. The funding will enable the platform to enhance features, add new functionalities and help them cater to a wider range of customers.

In this section, let’s look at the impact this funding will have on Buildots and its users.

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Expansion of Platform

Since receiving substantial investment to expand the platform, Buildots has seen a rapid growth in the number of users using their service. In addition, the company has expanded their scope of projects, including the ability to upload and download drawings, create takeoffs and documentations, generate reports, and more. All these new features have allowed Buildots to become more useful and viable for larger construction projects that previously would have required manual labour to get off the ground.

The additional funding has also enabled Buildots to offer an enhanced user experience for free customers and add several tools for premium customers. Included in these improvements are a new user dashboard with intuitive navigation menu design; after-hours support options for expedited health tests; improved document management capabilities; more detailed data analysis options; enhanced collaboration capabilities through group policies; automated co-authoring capabilities between multiple users; customizable mobile app integration with premium plans; online training modules within projects; comprehensive reporting functionality with interactive charts and graphs; as well as streamlined product development cycle processes that allow customers greater control over their respective project progress.

Beyond expanding their product features and offerings, Buildots has also experienced accelerated growth in its customer base by entering strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders like NIBS (National Institute of Building Sciences) and NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command). These partnerships have resulted in smooth transitions between programs via secure cloud access, shared data tracking, customizable communication interface templates according to established protocols, cost-effective pricing models, real-time analytics reports based on construction progress trends over time, risk assessment capabilities utilising big data sources from previous case studies – ultimately enabling project teams worldwide to gain complete transparency throughout each step of a project from start-to-finish.

Improved Feature Set

Thanks to recent funding, Buildots can now provide a more advanced feature set for its user base. This has helped improve the user experience by enabling customers to gain access to more features, faster and easier.

Buildots’ improved feature set includes:

  • New cloud-based field operations and analytics platform – making it easier for users to access a wider range of information quickly and easily without compromising quality or data integrity.
  • A streamlined mobile interface – allowing users to view and interact with their data anytime, anywhere using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Integrated project management tools – simplifying gathering data and tracking progress on active or completed projects.
  • Realtime documentation tools – helping users stay up-to-date with all relevant documentation in one place.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities – providing users with an array of customizable reports that can be easily tailored to meet their specific needs.

These new features have significantly improved Buildots’ offerings and allowed customers worldwide to improve their business processes substantially in a fraction of the time it took. This has enabled Buildots’ customers to make better business decisions faster than ever before, resulting in greater visibility and control over operations and improved efficiency across the board.

Increased User Adoption

Since Buildots secured its Series A funding in October 2018, the company has seen a surge in user adoption. This investment allowed the company to expand its operations and develop new marketing strategies for reaching potential customers. It also enabled them to improve their product development and upgrade their technology, allowing them to offer quicker solutions and increased support to their users.

With this capital influx, Buildots has greatly increased its presence in the real estate industry through targeted marketing campaigns that have enhanced brand visibility. These campaigns have successfully driven viral growth among new users, resulting in a fivefold increase of user adoption over the past year. Additionally, current users have reported more efficient workflows due to improved features offered with each updated version of Buildots platform.

The influx of funding has quickly positioned Buildots as an industry leader by providing innovative solutions that meet customer demands while offering superior customer service and support. With increased user adoption and satisfaction rates providing reliable feedback on product performance, future developments will benefit existing customers and attract new ones.

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