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Vivid Money, a financial super app, has recently announced a successful $114M funding round at an $886M valuation. With this, Vivid Money is looking to expand its presence across Europe and beyond with its unique banking and fintech features that revolutionize how customers manage and use their money.

This article will provide an overview of Vivid Money and the features of their financial super app that make it such an attractive platform.

Overview of Vivid Money

Vivid Money is an innovative financial super app, providing users with a seamless experience as they manage their finances. With offices across Europe, the app combines digital banking and personal finance into one fully-integrated platform. It is designed to offer customers a user-friendly and highly secure product that helps them easily manage their income and expenses in one place.

Launched in January 2020, Vivid Money has quickly become one of Europe’s leading digital banking apps. The company recently announced that it has secured $114 million in Series C funding from investors such as DST Global, VC Fintech, PayU and MEVP, giving it an $886 million valuation. The funding will be used to expand its operations across Europe, with plans to launch in new countries in 2021. The company will also use the funds to further develop its products and services – focusing on delivering users an enhanced experience by introducing even more features on the app.

Vivid Money, a financial super app, raises $114M at an $886M valuation to expand in Europe

Vivid Money, a financial super app operated by Berlin-based Vivid Money GmbH, recently raised $114 million in funding and was given an $886 million valuation. The round was led by SoftBank Group Corp. (SBG)’s Vision Fund 2 with participation from Ribbit Capital, DST Global and global fintech firm Finleap.

The company will use the funds to expand its offering across Europe, launching their app in Spain and more markets before this summer. It will also invest in the product to offer features such as bank transfers, investments and saving products within the digital bank account.

Launched in 2018, Vivid Money has over 1 million customers across Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The app simplifies banking with an outstanding mobile experience that allows users to open a multi-currency bank account for free within minutes and manage their money on one screen integrated with non-banking services (e.g evernote) and third-party financial products (e.g investing). Through its mission “We Make Money Simple” it sets out to challenge traditional banking business models while advocating for financial literacy among all users — those who are new to investing or want to better manage their money alongside experienced investors who want access to the latest innovative products at market rates without any hidden fees or commissions.

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Impact of the Funding Round

Vivid Money, a popular financial super app, has recently raised a $114 million funding round at an $886M valuation. This funding round has resulted in several important impacts for the company, some favorable for its long-term growth.

This article will discuss the key impacts of this funding round and how it will benefit Vivid Money in the future.

Expansion of Vivid Money in Europe

Vivid Money, a financial super app, recently announced it has raised $114 million in a Series B funding round and is now valued at $886 million. The funds will expand Vivid Money’s presence throughout Europe and create an international platform for the app’s users to access across the continent.

The funding round was led by FinTLV, with participation from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Samena Capital, and Goldman Sachs growth equity. In addition, existing investors Blumberg Capital, Ribbit Capital, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Draper Esprit, Target Global also participated in this round. This brings the total funding Vivid Money has raised to $176 million.

With these additional funds in hand Vivid Money will be able to focus on developing innovative features and expanding its reach across more countries throughout Europe. In recent months, the company has already partnered with banks such as Crédit Agricole and N26 Bank to gain access to existing European markets.

Vivid Money is on track for rapid growth within Europe. It soon plans to offer new products such as borrowing capabilities backed by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that provides customers with tailored solutions tailored to their needs. As the new leader of digital banking solutions in many European countries,this landmark investment will only help further improve its customers’ banking experience and significantly expand its presence throughout the continent over the coming years.

Benefits for Vivid Money’s Customers

The recent funding round of $114 million will enable Vivid Money, the Financial Super App to further expand its presence in Europe. The substantial capital infusion coupled with the estimated valuation of $886 million makes this a milestone event for Vivid Money. The key to success for any digital banking platform is its customer base. As a result, vivid Money has dedicated considerable effort and resources to building a powerful tech stack that ensures end-to-end customer security.

With the new funding, Vivid Money plans to provide more integrated banking services that help enhance customer experience. This includes collaborating with external financial institutions to offer higher-value services such as insurance and investments products in addition to their existing offerings like lending and payments. In addition, regulated data sharing across different products is a major factor in making banking safer and secure. For this reason, Vivid Money has committed large investments into strengthening their infrastructure resulting in higher levels of personalization and data security for customers.

This venture capital would support their ambition of becoming the leading international digital bank across Europe by providing more comprehensive services like access to funds management tools, setting up digital deposits, and integrating loyalty programs, which would increase user engagement significantly. Vivid also intends to provide cutting edge personal finance solutions such as innovative credit solutions that will give customers access to convenient credit at affordable rates. By offering these features in addition to other benefits like quicker access funds due to faster processing times they’re looking forward to establishing an even larger customer base throughout Europe ensuring greater accessibility & convenience consistent with regulatory compliance requirements across markets they operate in.

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Vivid Money’s Financial Super App

Vivid Money, a financial super app, has recently raised $114M at an $886M valuation to expand its services in Europe. This helps to further solidify their position as one of Europe’s top payment and banking apps.

Their app provides users a convenient and secure way to manage their finances. In this article, we will discuss the features of Vivid Money’s financial super app and how it can help users with their financial needs.

Overview of the App

Vivid Money is a FinTech startup from Germany that promises to revolutionize how people access and manage their finances. Its app, described as a “financial super app”, provides customers with a comprehensive suite of tools for tracking finances, paying bills, managing money and even investing. Millions of users across Europe have already downloaded the app, providing an inexpensive alternative to traditional banking services.

The app offers several key features that distinguish it from other financial applications. It gives users real-time insights into their accounts to make informed decisions about spending and saving trends. Vivid Money’s AI-driven technology also allows users to track their budget, schedule payments and open savings accounts in one convenient location.

Supported by leading venture capital firms such as Ballpark Ventures and Lakestar, Vivid Money recently closed a $114 million round of funding at an $886 million valuation to expand its operations into new European markets. With the additional funds secured and its strategic partnerships, the company is well-poised for significant growth over the coming months – making it an interesting FinTech player to watch in 2020 and beyond!

Features of the App

Vivid Money, a financial super app, has recently raised $114M at an $886M valuation and is set to expand in Europe. The app offers various features to help manage individuals’ finances.

Some of the key features of Vivid Money include:

-Secure Transfer Utility: With Vivid Money, users can transfer money securely without the hassle of visiting physical bank locations.

-Debit Card Facilities: With the debit card that comes with the app, users can carry out buying transactions and manage their daily expenses without borrowing other people’s cards. The card is backed by MasterCard and supports various currencies.

-Savings Balances & Funds Appraisal: This app feature helps users track how much money they have accumulated over time to make smarter decisions about their savings or investments.

-Budget Planning & Analysis Tool: Vivid Money allows users to track their expenses by setting budgets and alerts for when approaching their limits or goals. It also provides analytics on users’ spending behavior, giving them better insight into their financial health.

-Robo Advisor Investment Solutions: For those interested in investing, this feature in Vivid Money enables them to make smart investments with automated analytical insights that keep customers informed about stock markets and growth trends. This helps customers become smarter investors in the long run quickly and easily without having to consult any third-party resources.

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Vivid Money’s financial super app has raised $114 million at an $886 million valuation, which is a testament to the success of the company and its growing customer base. With this funding, Vivid Money’s plans to expand in Europe and further improve its services.

This article has explored the pros and cons of Vivid Money’s financial super app, and the conclusion is that it is a viable option to explore when it comes to financial services.