Almost everyone likes real French fragrances, but between the aroma and the desire to possess the cherished bottle, the price often matters. Let us discuss what makes up the price of original perfumery and how Dior AE can replace it at an affordable price?

The Appearance of the Pricing

Perfumes are an important modern accessory, so the consumption of perfumery products is growing by 30% every year, despite any crisis. What is in demand brings income, and everyone who participates in the process of production and sale of perfumery products is trying to get the maximum financial benefit, that is, profit.

Pricing of brand perfumes consists of:

  • 7% -12% – the cost of the fragrance itself
  • 10% – 20% – packaging cost
  • 15% – 20% – name and title
  • 40% – 60% – advertising costs
  • 5% – 10% – transport costs

Note that the cost price of the fragrance is only 7% – 12% of the dealer price.

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The Price of the Perfume Step by Step

The smell cannot be patented and described in words, but its formula can be patented. However, the formula is often changed by the author of the fragrance due to various reasons, for example, a crop failure of the particular type of rose that was used in this particular fragrance. In this case, the component is replaced by a similar one, and the aroma remains identical, but the formula is already different.

Nevertheless, the packaging and bottle can be patented. At the same time, their cost exceeds the cost of the fragrance itself by about two times! The name is also patented and makes a profit in the amount of 15-20% of the cost of the perfume, for example, the famous couturier (Christian Dior) or the actor (Antonio Banderas) whose names are printed on the packaging and serve as a kind of quality mark.

Therefore, when you purchase a Dior perfume UAE you do not pay this part and get a high-quality product and a favorite smell for a good price.

Furthermore, for perfumes to start selling, they must at least be known, and an advertising campaign helps the customer in this, which sometimes takes up to 60% of the costs. After all, well-known fragrances, as a rule, are advertised by movie stars, supermodels, and pop divas, who have to be paid millions in royalties.

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Finally, perfumery gets to the store, but at least with a 100% retail margin! After all, dealers – official representatives of famous brands – are required to set certain requirements for stores. The store must be in a prestigious location. There must be euro renovation with design and special equipment. Sellers must undergo special training and periodically learn special courses. Salespeople, an accountant, and a director need to be paid a good salary, taxes have to be paid, and, at the same time, it would be desirable to make a profit – otherwise, why is all this needed?

As a result, the customer meets with high pricing and cannot be satisfied. However, on we have a wide range of options for all tastes, and our creations are similar to brands but without additional costs.