A new study has found that couples are waiting longer to get married and divorcing once they’re hitched, due to the significant rise in property rates. The study also says that this is because people tend to feel more financially secure when it comes time for a divorce.

The “covid marriage problems 2021” is a problem that has been present for a while. Rising and varying property rates have led to delays in the rising divorces post-covid pandemic and lockdown in Australia!

Rising and varying property rates have led to delays in the rising divorces post-covid pandemic and lockdown in Australia!

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Despite the fact that Australian official data shows just a little increase in divorce applications after the fatal illness, attorneys claim that divorce filings have surged three-fold since the lockdown and travel restrictions imposed by the epidemic. Property prices have also risen as a result of this. This causes delays in the divorce process.

Divorces during the pandemic: a massive increase

According to Australian government statistics, divorce filings increased by 2% from 2019 to 2020. This is a gross exaggeration. According to lawyers, the statistics have risen by as much as thrice. Suzanne Delbridge, the owner and director of Delbridge Forensic Accounting, says:

“Every lawyer and forensic accountant with whom I work has never been so busy,” says one client.

Divorces in AustraliaDivorces are on the rise as a result of the epidemic. (Image courtesy of Insider)

According to Angela Harbinson, CEO of the online platform The Separation Guide, she has seen a 230 percent increase in pair referrals, a two-fold increase in requests for psychologists, and an 85 percent increase in couples contemplating divorce.

The surge in divorce, according to Courtney Mullen, head of family law (Canberra) at Australian Family Lawyers, is due to difficulties linked with working from home and home-educating children. There is nowhere to escape or travel to get away from the stress. It often leads to dissatisfaction and disputes between couples. She declares:

“Families have been in one other’s faces and haven’t been able to go away,” says the author.

Divorces are influenced by property values.

According to Angela Harbinson, 73 percent of divorcing couples had a family house, while 24 percent owned an investment property. Property prices in Australia are now growing at a fast pace. In places like Melbourne and Sydney, this is particularly true. Rapid property price increases are presenting complications in circumstances when divorcing spouses are seeking an equal distribution of assets. According to Suzanne Delbridge,

“Because the market is moving so quickly, many couples are having difficulty deciding on a price for their house, vacation home, or investment property.” 

Divorces in AustraliaDivorces are being postponed as property values grow (Source: Afr)

If we look at the prices over the previous 12 months, we can see that they have risen by 18%. Suzanne continued, “

“Before they divorce, there is a lot of confusion about the worth of the properties, and they are looking for clarification.”

In other cases, this resulted in disagreements over property appraisals, which prompted further delays.

Other problems and how to solve them

The court has other explanations for the delays, such as the implementation of measures that were supposed to speed up the divorce process. However, they may create delays during the first deployment.

Also, read Master P’s particular plea to the court about his continuing divorce, which has lasted over eight years.

Divorces in AustraliaA more pleasant parting is a better option. (According to the law)

Separation may occur in three ways for couples. One option is to do it yourself without using the courts. Things may be resolved out in a courteous manner here, and the method is straightforward. This is the most secure bet. The second option is to seek advice from professional mediators who are trained in this field. Legal separation is the last resort. The latter would be time and money consuming, as well as potentially untidy. The court must interfere if the partners get enraged with each other during the separation.

It is preferable for spouses to remain friendly throughout their separation, especially if children are involved.


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Rising and varying property rates have led to delays in the rising divorces post-covid pandemic and lockdown in Australia! The “why are divorce rates increasing” is a question that has been asked for some time.

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