“Catfishing” is a slang term for the act of creating an online dating profile and pretending to be someone else in order to lure unsuspecting people into relationships or romance. There are catfish-related scams where the person has a fake identity, but there are also scam artists that use existing images from celebrities so they can impersonate them without consent. Here’s how you can avoid being caught on these celebrity “catfish traps.”

The “online dating scammer list” is a list of websites that will help you avoid being catfished! The list includes the names of over 1,000 online dating scams and their corresponding aliases.

Online dating scams: how to avoid being catfished!

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The coronavirus epidemic has raised the popularity of online dating. This new way of dating, however, is not without its drawbacks. According to a cyber security expert, internet dating scams have cost Australians about $250 million this year.

Scams and money losses in online dating

Online dating may seem to be the latest craze, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks and hazards. A large number of individuals have lost money as a result of online dating scams. Melbourne-based Scamming has grown popular, according to Aaron Bugal, who spoke with 6PR morning anchor Gary Adshead. In order to entice the unsuspecting victims, the fraudsters are increasingly using sophisticated equipment and strategies. He said, “

“Scammers spend a lot of time profiling you using your online social footprint,” says one expert.

Online dating scamsScams in online dating (Source: Pinterest)

The expert went on to say:

“So if you have Facebook or Instagram, and if any of this is public, they’re going to look at your likes, dislikes, and interests.”

“And then, after they make that first contact, they go right for the heartstrings to attempt to build that emotional connection and get you emotionally invested in the scenario, and that’s when they have their hooks in.”

Rachel Elwell is a con artist, and her conman is Rachel Elwell.

Rachel Elwell, 50, was duped out of her life savings by her online date in July of this year, according to sources. It all started in January 2021, when she started talking to a guy called Bario on a dating app who claimed to live only 25 miles from her house in West England. The individual then stated that he had been abducted overseas and that the kidnappers had demanded ransom money. He was able to persuade her in three months, and she also gave him 100,000 pounds to save his life.

Also, Sherrie Hewson, 71, has left the dating service Plenty of Fish after guys harassed her with derogatory photos!

Online dating scamsScams in online dating (Source: Pinterest)

It was a con game in which his daughter and housekeeper were also involved. Bario was meant to return to Heathrow Airport when the money was paid. When he didn’t show up, Rachel went to his residence in Coventry and learned that everything had been a lie. She said, “

“Romance fraud is a significant organized crime, and the perpetrators are clever and cunning.”

Rachel is now in debt after falling victim to an internet con. Her banks, Santander and HSBC, investigated and determined that she was not qualified for recovery of the funds she had lost. She is now having suicidal thoughts.

How to Avoid Being Conned by Scams on the Internet

Chris Parker, a cyber security specialist, believes that internet fraudsters target victims based on their financial stability and emotional fragility. As a result, it is critical not to discuss large purchases or financial situation with anybody else, whether online or offline.

Chris also advises not flaunting your flaws in public. Make sure you don’t come out as desperate. Even if you are not happy or strong, it is important to show others around you that you are. Do not demonstrate to others that you are easily deceived.

Online dating scamsHow to Stay Away From Online Dating Scams (Image courtesy of the US Embassy in Budapest)

Scammers do extensive research on their victims before approaching them. As a result, they discuss the same topics that you like or despise. They seem to be much too wonderful to be true. For the victim, this should be a red indicator.

Scammers often steal photographs from other websites, so do a reverse image search on Google. Chris continues:

“Do a fast Google search on the individual you’re talking to while you’re there.” From social media accounts to business profiles, and even that time we ran a 10k, almost everyone has an online footprint. Yes, this individual may be an online refusenik if they have no digital traces, but it’s also possible that they don’t exist.”

And if you get a request for cash or money from such a person, you should be suspicious. They flatter you before professing their love for you, and then they get right down to business.

Make it a point to request a confirmation video conference with this individual. Do not feel wounded or misled if you fall into their trap. Instead, call the cops as soon as possible.

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The “can a scammer fall in love with his victim” is a question that has been asked by many people. Some say yes, and some say no. There are many different ways to avoid being catfished!.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I outsmart an online scammer?

A: Some of the best ways to outsmart an online scammer is by being professional and not giving your personal information or answering with a simple yes or no. Also, if you do need some help ask for it in public places like chat rooms that are monitored. Lastly, dont be surprised when they get mad at you because they will try to threaten you into doing something weird. Be prepared!

How can someone avoid being Catfished?

A: To avoid being catfished, it is best to not give out your personal information or meet someone for the first time online. There are many red flags that will indicate whether this person youre talking to is real or a scammer including poor grammar and spelling errors in their profile, messages from an unknown email address, excessive nagging about money or other items on the internet like Instagram followers. If something seems suspicious, do not continue down these lines of discussion with them.

How do I protect myself from online dating scams?

A: There are no red flags online. Be wary! You will not be able to find any warning signs, so you have to rely on your intuition and make sure that you can trust the person before giving them money or sending them anything else personal.

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