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LottieFiles, a tech startup, has recently raised $37 million in Series B funding round to expand their animation format.

This animation format helps to reduce file sizes and make animation more accessible on mobile devices. It has already been adopted by the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and with this additional funding, LottieFiles aims to make the animation format even more ubiquitous.

In this article, we’ll look at the growth plan for LottieFiles and what its recent funding round might mean for the industry.

LottieFiles and its mission

LottieFiles is an animation platform that allows designers and developers to integrate rich, high-quality animations into their projects. Founded in 2018, LottieFiles has become one of the leading motion design platforms, bringing native motion experiences to apps, websites, Ads and AR/VR experiences. With over 9 million downloads a week, the platform is advancing rapidly and continues to innovate new solutions for its users.

LottieFiles’ mission is to make animation ubiquitous across platforms by providing a robust library of production-ready animations easily integrated into any project and discoverable on any device. This makes it easier for designers and developers to create stunning visuals without coding from scratch. With this vision in mind, LottieFiles recently raised $37M in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia with participation from Alpha Edison and Cross Culture Ventures.

The new funding will accelerate adoption of the Lottie format across devices, developing partnerships with Adobe AIR tablets, Xbox One consoles and web browsers such as Firefox. It will also be used towards expanding its offerings around cloud contributors’ UGC marketplace of motion designs.

LottieFiles raises $37M Series B to make the animation format even more ubiquitous

LottieFiles is an animation platform gaining traction in the tech industry as a powerful and reliable tool. This December, LottieFiles announced that it had secured a $37M Series B funding round with investors such as Andrew Braccia of Accel, Rob Hayes of First Round Capital, Jyri Engeström of True Ventures and Elad Gil. The company plans to use the funds to expand its operation, improve the animation format even further, build upon its growing community and grasp larger market opportunities to drive the increasing adoption of LottieFiles animations globally.

The aim is for LottieFiles to become an even more ubiquitous animation format by pushing for interoperability between different platforms and providing improved support for different programming languages and frameworks. This will enable developers from both startups and large enterprises to create animations without waiting times or studio budgets. Companies like TikTok are already using this production-grade file format, making it easier for brands to develop their campaigns quickly without wasting time.

As part of the Series B funding, some new team members will be helping LottieFiles scale rapidly to meet customer needs even faster. Additionally, users benefit from advanced HTML5 features that allow them to create custom animations that can be used on web apps with just a few clicks.

Despite its growth plans, LottieFiles remains committed to ensuring users have full control over their data to easily transfer and store their animation works at their discretion. By shifting focus towards building this level of trust between customers and developers, ultimately LottieFiles aims to securely enable businesses once difficult tasks related to interactive visuals with little effort required on anyone’s part.

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How the Funding Will Be Used

LottieFiles has recently raised $37 million in a Series B funding round to ensure that the animation format, which allows animation to be delivered faster and more efficiently, will become even more ubiquitous.

The company plans to use the funds to further develop their product and make it available on even more platforms. Let’s take a closer look at how the funding will be used.

Expanding the LottieFiles platform

LottieFiles, the popular animation format developer, announced it had raised $37 million in Series B funding to expand its platform and make the animation format even more ubiquitous. The new funding will allow LottieFiles to accelerate its plans for growth across multiple markets including mobile apps and websites, game engines, websites and software libraries.

The investment will increase offerings in technology, user interface and user experience. Specifically, LottieFiles plans to improve its library of animations and drop-in features that make it easier for developers to integrate animation into their products. This will make it simpler for developers to create immersive experiences without having any prior coding knowledge or extensive graphics design.

LottieFiles plans to reinforce its existing partnerships with top players in different industries such as mobile banking apps and retail platforms. The platform is being utilized by major companies such as Google Earth, Pinterest, Uber Eats and many others across various verticals including finance, transportations and eCommerce.

The new funding further bolsters LottieFiles’ mission to make animation more accessible worldwide with a focus on democratizing design tools so that anyone can easily create interactive experiences.

Investing in the animation format

LottieFiles, the company behind the Lottie animation format, recently announced a $37 million series B funding round. They can further their goal of bringing animation formats to more apps and websites with that additional funding.

The team plans on using this funds to invest further in the animation format and create a larger suite of tools and services. This includes providing more options for users who want to customize Lottie animations, streamlining existing operations, and supporting a larger customer-base worldwide. They are also planning on expanding their employee base to keep up with demand for their products and services. Additional features may be added to their existing file format that will help enhance its usability across platforms.

This is an exciting development as it indicates that demand for this type of activity is growing quickly. In addition, this demonstrates how powerful animation effects can be when used correctly in web design projects. The funding will help power initiatives for this platform with all its potential opportunities like producing advertising, promotional video content (TV commercials – movie trailers), and faster loading times for online businesses everywhere. With this series B investment, LottieFiles aims to become a go-to platform for animators looking to create high-quality animation effects across multiple platforms.

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Increasing accessibility to the animation format

LottieFiles’ growth plans require that the animation format become even more ubiquitous so it can be adopted by developers, designers and brands worldwide. To do this, LottieFiles has raised a $37M Series B funding round to increase accessibility to the animation format while continuing to develop its products.

This new funding will enhance LottieFiles’ existing platform offerings and enable them to build new products to support their goal of making the animation format more widely available. These products include an open-source library for developers, game engine integration for game developers, and a tool that allows designers to use applications like After Effects or Premiere Pro with high performance and reliability.

The Series B also features new initiatives including expanding LottieFiles’ publisher network to target non-English speaking markets, additional resources for teams building bridges between platforms and devices, and tools designed specifically for agencies creating large-scale projects. These services will give users better access to the platform’s useful features, allowing them to unlock more powerful experiences with their animations.

In addition to these investments in product accessibility, a portion of this funding will also go into hiring talent ranging from project managers and engineers, animators and illustrators which are the right industry experts needed for LottieFiles to continue evolving their animation technology into even higher heights.

Growth Plans

LottieFiles recently announced the closing of their Series B funding round of $37M to continue the growth of their animation format. This extra funding will enable the company to expand its reach further into the animation market and improve the overall product.

Moreover, this announcement sparks further questions about what growth plans LottieFiles has for their animation format. This heading will discuss the potential ways the company plans to capitalize on their new funding.

Developing new tools and features

As part of its growth plans, LottieFiles has committed to developing new tools and features that will expand the range of possibilities offered by its animation format. This includes enhancing compatibility with more applications and introducing new capabilities for creative users to work with. In addition, lottieFiles aims to make the animation format even more ubiquitous and accessible for more people, whether professional developers or users creating content daily.

LottieFiles invests heavily in research and development around its animation format to realize this goal. The company’s recent Series B funding round provided $37 million in additional capital for further R&D efforts on the platform and technology. LottieFiles is taking advantage of the additional resources to explore new markets — such as mobile gaming — while deepening its engagement with existing users to ensure it stays ahead of new trends and customer requests.

This means tripling down on stable extensibility solutions that increase ease-of-use while preserving the flexibility of its animation format and continuing to prioritize integration with products from major technology partners like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Adobe.

Expanding the animation format’s reach

LottieFiles is expanding its capabilities for its animation format by investing in technology and expanding partnerships. The start-up successfully closed a $37 million Series B round from digital media investor Altimeter Capital, with follow-on funding from the former Balderton Capital, DNCapital and Runa Capital investors. Founded in 2016 by Tomasz Cichocki and Griff Divello, the platform allows users to share their animations via the Lottie library of JSON animations, which can then be used across multiple platforms such as mobile, web, smart TVs and more.

The funds will enable LottieFiles to expand its network partnerships with Adobe XD, enabling incredible speed controls; Creative Cloud Libraries; Slack; Salesforce Lightning Platform; Microsoft Office 365; and Figma and Sketch, among others. Additionally, the funds will be used to further develop the interface’s capabilities adding preview views for scatter plots on Android tablets and search options geared toward motion designers using Webflow.

Finally, this investment will allow users nationwide to easily access applicable motion designs for a range of branded items from postcards to billboards with confidence that their information is secure.

In addition to technological improvements made possible by this new round of funding, LottieFiles has committed to creating comprehensive educational materials that empower motion designers worldwide with essential skills like turning animation designs into code or using layers properly in different programs. Through continued collaboration efforts with market leaders such as Apple ARKit 2 and Core Animation for iOS developers or Oculus for AR/VR developers, this start-up strives to make animation a reality for everyone who wishes it so.

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Enhancing the user experience

At LottieFiles, we focus on improving the user experience while making our animation format even more ubiquitous. To achieve these goals, we are exploring how our format can be used across different platforms and in new industries where interactive and engaging animations can drive value. In addition, we have teams dedicated to advancing our product offering, along with engineering and UX/UI advancements, so businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of our animation technology.

Our plan also includes expanding our platform with enhanced features and capabilities that accelerate our users’ production workflows and increase visibility into performance metrics within the product itself. Furthermore, we will integrate with popular enterprise solutions for easier cross-platform use. This includes exploring new open-source opportunities meant to decrease deployment time and provide the customization capabilities needed by each business’s operations. We will also create additional education resources so developers can better utilize animation formats like ours to experience quick progress in creating delightful interactions with their users.

To support these initiatives, we are thrilled to announce a “Series B” funding round of $37 million which positions us well to double down on further advancements in our animation format while staying focused on facilitating growth and future viability within this space. With collaboration at its core, LottieFiles will continue to be a trusted partner in delivering reliable animation experiences across services that make life easier for developers worldwide.


The strategic financing round of $37 million for LottieFiles helps to significantly grow its platform capabilities, designs, and features. Furthermore, the funds will help companies attract new customers and deliver best-in-class digital experiences to their audience. The capital infusion will allow the firm to improve its innovative animation format offerings and expand its reach across various fields like gaming, automotive, healthcare, lifestyle services, etc. Additionally, the funding will enable existing companies to adopt LottieFiles products more quickly while opening up new market segments.

In addition to benefiting companies using LottieFiles products or services, this influx of capital can also positively impact the usability of animation formats in general. With greater resources and expertise, businesses can bring fresh perspectives on existing problems and newly discovered opportunities. With Lotties becoming even more ubiquitous in these sectors — thanks in part to this new funding — more businesses than ever before might now be turning toward animation formats for marketing and advertising initiatives that unlock the effective delivery of rich UX experiences at scale.

Future of the animation format

The animation format’s future looks promising, especially with the recent $37M Series B investment from LottieFiles. This investment will allow LottieFiles to further their mission of making the animation format more ubiquitous.

To do this, they plan to expand their current platform capability to deliver animation content with greater performance reliability and scalability. Additionally, they plan on growing the developer community around them to increase the number of platforms supporting animation formats and access to a wider range of services. Finally, they will leverage machine learning and AI technologies to increase speed and accuracy in authoring capabilities.

Through these efforts, LottieFiles hopes to make animation even more accessible and create an ecosystem that boosts productivity for creative professionals everywhere. With their recent investment, it looks like the future of animation is looking ever brighter!