People are turning to dating apps like Tinder and Okcupid in the hope of finding their kitty crush. It sounds fishy, but there’s a real art to it!

“online dating lies statistics” is the latest trend on dating apps. What is kittenfishing? It’s when a person has a profile that they use for one purpose, but then uses it to meet people for another purpose. This can be done through fake accounts or using someone else’s account.

Kittenfishing: the latest trend on dating apps! What is kittenfishing?

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The usage of dating apps has surged as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. People resorted online to find real love due to a lack of social interactions. However, internet dating has its own set of issues. There have been several scams, as well as disappointments and mental health difficulties. Catfishing, ghosting, and other forms of cyberbullying are becoming more frequent, and they may have a negative impact on a person’s mental health. If you were hoping that the new year of 2022 would bring you some success in finding a partner, be aware that new challenges have emerged in online dating. Kittenfishing is one among them.

Kittenfishing is a term that refers to the practice of catching kittens

Kittenfishing is the act of attempting to increase one’s attractiveness on dating apps in order to impress and attract. He or she might achieve this by photoshopping fresh images or repurposing previous self-portraits. In addition, the user inserts exaggerated profile descriptions. It’s a less strenuous type of catfishing.

KittenfishingFishing for kittens (Source: NBC)

The dating app in the United States In the year 2017, Hinge coined the term. The word comes from the fact that it is the infant form of catfishing. In contrast to catfishing, where a person creates a false identity, kittenfishing involves the person misrepresenting themselves. He or she strives to show a better or younger version of themselves to the potential dater. Exaggerated attributes or old photographs are portrayed.

Other phrases used in dating apps that aren’t as well-known.

Intermittent ghosting is known as breadcrumbing. The individual expresses an early romantic interest then disappearing and reappearing with seductive texts. This cycle is still going on. Bethany Cook, a clinical psychologist and author, told

“Breadcrumbing is providing conflicting signals to someone in order to lure them on,” says the author.

KittenfishingDuring this epidemic, there will be an increase in the usage of dating applications. (Image courtesy of CNBC)

When the online dater puts you on the sidelines, this is known as benching. It occurs when that individual is undecided about whether you are the proper person for them. You’re on the maybe list, and you’re also breadcrumbed and cushioned. He or she has left other possibilities open as well and intends to choose one of the folks on the shortlist in due time. It assists the individual since he or she is viewing and testing out various individuals online at the same time in order to find the appropriate fit.


Cushioning, according to Urban Dictionary, is defined as:

“When a person in a relationship has a number of ‘cushions’ — individuals they text, flirt with, or even date – as backup possibilities in case their relationship breaks.”

Jenni Holdsworth, a sex specialist, says:

“It comes as no surprise that this has occurred in our contemporary life. Why should our dating lives be any different?” “We are inundated with diverse options in every part of our life, so why should our dating experiences be any different?”

Jenni continues:

“The issue with cushioning is that it is a dishonest practice, and it is never a good idea to begin a potential relationship with dishonesty,” says the author.

“The individual does it to avoid being wounded, feeling vulnerable, and participating totally in a relationship,” says the author.

KittenfishingSuspension (Source: Her world)

In an eHarmony article, Verity Hogan says.

Sherrie Hewson, 71, leaves the dating service Plenty of Fish because guys harassed her with derogatory photos!

Paige Nick, a relationship specialist and journalist, says:

“Cushions have more to them than meets the eye. There’s also a strong self-preservation and relationship-building component to it.”

“You could be dating someone new, and you’re crushing on them a little harder than they’re crushing on you. Or perhaps you don’t know where you stand yet but are overly enthusiastic about it.”

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“Kittenfishing” is a new dating trend on apps. What is kittenfishing? It’s when someone pretends to be a catfish, but they’re actually just fishing for attention and validation from other people. Reference: orbiting dating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kittenfishing?

A: Kittenfishing is when someone sets up a fake social media account of their own cat and then posts screenshots from other peoples Instagram or Facebook accounts. Most often, the person in question will share these images and say that theyre about to go fishing for kittens, which can be taken as a joke.

What is the new ghosting?

A: The new ghosting is a glitch in the Beat Saber game mode. This has been fixed by IKARUS, the creators of Beat Saber.

What is submarining in dating?

A: Submarining is a technique used in speed dating and online dating to help someone get to know someone better. It involves going deep into the other persons personal history, without them knowing you are doing so.

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