There are lots of talented actors and actresses in the world. We will show some tips from Jackie Chan, the person who conquered the world with martial arts. All boys dreamed of being as strong and fast as Jackie Chan. Lots of people started their way in the world of martial arts. The person is a legend. The words adrenaline and Jackie Chan are synonymous. If you are also willing to feel adrenaline, join Bet22, and don’t forget about your luck!  

Jackie Chan is a martial arts icon, successful actor, director, producer, and choreographer. Even after Chan has broken and injured almost every part of his body, he continues to perform all of his own stunts.


Jackie Chan is already in his seventies, but his work requires endurance and the physical form of a guy who is no more than thirty. When it comes to choosing food, Chan’s mantra is very simple: “Eat everything, but in moderation.”

The actor does not have a nutritionist who makes up the diet by the hour. Jackie eats intuitively but admits that he enjoys sticking to a healthier eating plan that helps him look younger. More proteins, fewer carbohydrates, and no fried and fatty foods are the postulates of Chan’s nutrition. Some of his most preferred foods are poultry, fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, steaks, and rice. But Chan avoids sugar, trans fats, processed foods, and simple carbohydrates.

The actor can not afford not to try ice cream and pizza a couple of times a week, but the next day after such a cheat meal, he definitely arranges an enhanced workout.


Jackie Chan is a professional sportsman and knows several martial art styles. He changes the training all the time according to his movie plan. He started to learn different martial arts at the age of eight. He studied hapkido, gymnastics, and kung fu for many years. Jackie Chan enjoys learning something new all the time. He completed kung fu training at the Beijing Opera School. Though, his main goal was to burst fat and maintain muscle mass. 

At the moment Jackie Chan is mostly training with his own weight. His favorite exercises are pull-ups, push-ups, and squats. Also, he runs daily for 3-5 miles. 

Interesting Facts

Jackie Chan can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, American sign language, some Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, and Thai. 

Jackie hates passive rest and sleeps a lot. Though probably becoming older he started to sleep a little during the day sometimes. 

Jackie Chan is a great football fan of Manchester City. 

Jackie Chan is a legend. His movies can be watched with kids and adults and they always keep you in a great mood.