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Tunisian enterprise AI startup InstaDeep has just announced that the company has successfully raised $100 million from AI Capital, BioNTech, Google and other investors.

Through their cutting-edge AI technology, InstaDeep is helping many businesses across various industries to further their performance and stay competitive.

This article will briefly overview InstaDeep’s AI technology and its potential to revolutionise businesses.

Overview of InstaDeep

InstaDeep is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with deep expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. With a team of 20+ researchers, engineers and industry experts in Deep Learning, Robotics, Autonomous Systems and software engineering, InstaDeep is pushing the boundaries of technology and helping businesses across industries leverage AI to unlock new possibilities.

The company’s mission is to enable organisations to make smarter decisions faster using AI technology. InstaDeep delivers this mission through its range of AI enablement services that involve helping organisations get started with their journey into AI; process automation; product development ranging from designing custom algorithms for business problems to building Intelligent Assistants; and DevOps & research facilities for training large scale models or scaling existing ones.

InstaDeep has helped companies such as BP and other large enterprises scale-up their AI initiatives by providing them with end-to-end AI capabilities from prebuilt algorithms to productionising models quickly . The company also offers its clients access to pre-trained state-of-the-art computer vision models trained on annotated datasets and its machine learning library called MaD (Machine learning Acceleration and Deployment). Through MaD, clients can rapidly develop custom ML models leveraging best practice engineering practices ensured through comprehensive code reviews. This helps them accelerate their ML model iterations drastically while ensuring that security requirements around data ownership are maintained. The company also provides data labelling services so companies do not have to worry about having inhouse support when tackling complex projects.

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InstaDeep’s AI Technology

Tunisian enterprise AI startup InstaDeep has announced that it has raised $100 million from AI Capital, BioNTech, Google, and others. This is a massive sum for the Tunisian enterprise, showing investors are now interested in AI technology.

In this article, we’ll explore how InstaDeep’s AI technology benefits businesses across industries.

AI-driven solutions for businesses

InstaDeep’s AI-driven technology offers businesses a suite of resources to help them succeed in the ever-evolving modern marketplace. InstaDeep gives businesses access to cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to their needs and goals.

InstaDeep’s technology provides several powerful capabilities, including: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). NLP processes unstructured textual data and extract information, while NLU enables computers to understand language like humans. These technologies help companies understand customer sentiment, generate customer insights, identify customer segments, offer personalised recommendations, personalise advertising messages, predict customer churn, and more.

In addition to NLP and NLU solutions, InstaDeep provides advanced predictive analytics services that allow companies to make informed decisions by leveraging predictive models. These predictive models help businesses anticipate consumer demands in real time and leverage current trends for maximum advantage. InstaDeep also offers cloud computing solutions that enable businesses to take full advantage of the scalability and agility offered by the cloud.

Finally, InstaDeep’s AI technologies are built on top of enterprise-scale machine learning platforms for easy deployment into production environments. This means companies can quickly realise value from their AI investments with minimal risk or cost—allowing them to access new revenue streams quickly to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Examples of AI-powered applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements have made it possible to use algorithms to power applications that help businesses succeed. The main benefit of AI-powered applications is the ability to speed up data-intensive tasks, such as processing and analysing a high volume of data more quickly and efficiently than a human would.

InstaDeep’s AI technology allows businesses to leverage machine learning principles for enterprise success by making simplified yet accurate predictions about their customers, products, and processes. In addition, using AI technology, data can be collected and analysed faster and better insights can be gained from the collected data.

The following are some examples of AI-powered applications that are currently being used by many businesses across industries:

  • Automation Bots: These automated assistants can handle activities such as customer service inquiries, account management tasks, inputting reports into an analytics system, or processing sales orders quickly.
  • Data Analytics Tools: Machine learning algorithms analyse large amounts of data more accurately than a human can. This enables businesses to easily access valuable insights about their customers’ preferences.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): This technology enables computer systems to “understand” spoken language from audio recordings and convert it into text that is easy for humans to read. This makes customer conversations with bots much smoother as they can provide natural responses independently without requiring human manual effort.
  • Computer Vision: This type of AI is used in various industries such as healthcare and retail where image recognition helps detect objects or patterns to improve outcomes. For example, computer vision could be used by an ecommerce company to suggest products based on user image uploads or facial recognition could be used at airports for security purposes.
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InstaDeep’s Impact on Businesses

Tunisian enterprise AI startup InstaDeep has recently raised $100M from AI Capital, BioNTech, and Google, demonstrating the growing interest in the power of AI. This investment is helping the startup to grow their AI technology, which is now being used by businesses across different industries.

This article will discuss how InstaDeep’s AI technology impacts businesses.

Benefits of AI-driven solutions

AI-driven solutions such as InstaDeep’s have helped organisations in various industries revolutionise their operations. Further, AI-driven solutions like InstaDeep can quickly identify patterns in massive datasets and can be used to automate processes, saving businesses both time and money.

Here are some of the key benefits companies experience when using AI-driven solutions like InstaDeep:

Enhanced Decision Making: AI-driven solutions allow organisations to make informed decisions by providing actionable insights from complex data sets. This saves time by reducing the manual analysis needed for decision making.

Faster Responses: With a greater speed in data processing, businesses can respond quicker to rapidly changing markets and dynamic customer needs. This allows for more accurate predictions about upcoming trends or needs, giving companies an advantage over their competitors.

Increased Efficiency: AI-based technologies allow for more efficient processes that reduce labour costs and increase accuracy in data analysis and prediction tasks, resulting in improved departmental efficiency. By reducing manual interventions, these systems help streamline operations so teams can work more efficiently.

Improved Customer Experience: Businesses using AI-driven solutions can use the valuable insights gained to offer personalised services tailored to individual customers’ needs. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business opportunities since customers’ experience is improved drastically with such personalised services as compared to generic services offered by competitors.

Examples of businesses that are leveraging AI

Using state-of-the-art AI models, InstaDeep enables businesses of all sizes to achieve targeted goals. From large enterprises to startups, AI technology helps organisations detect patterns and insights that can be utilised to identify commercially viable opportunities and yield greater ROI.

AI technology helps reduce the cost and time involved in various activities, meaning organisations in numerous industries are adopting it. Here are just a few examples of how AI is transforming businesses:

1) Retail: Companies across the retail sector are using AI technology to improve their customer service via virtual assistant bots. For example, these bots inform customers about upcoming promotions and discounts, returning an average 30% increase in sales for clothing companies that have adopted these technologies. Additionally, companies can leverage AI to gain insights into customer behaviour to optimise their business strategies for higher profits.

2) Pharmaceuticals: By employing natural language processing (NLP), pharmaceutical companies can analyse unstructured data from patient records or clinical trials faster than manual methods. AI can also help uncover the best treatments based on a patient’s symptoms and risk factors more accurately than medical professionals alone could achieve–leading to better health outcomes for patients while bringing down costs for healthcare providers.

3) Manufacturing: In this sector, AI enables predictive maintenance, reducing unplanned breakdowns and more efficient use of resources like labour power or raw materials. Additionally, some facility maintenance tasks may be automated because of machine vision powered by computer vision algorithms that can detect abnormalities or defects on products or parts before they end up causing costly production issues down the line.

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Tunisian enterprise AI startup InstaDeep raises $100M from AI Capital, BioNTech, Google

Tunisian enterprise AI startup InstaDeep recently raised $100M from AI Capital, BioNTech and Google. This significant investment was made to help the company further its mission of delivering AI-powered solutions that can help businesses increase their efficiency and profits.

This funding will allow InstaDeep to expand its services and make a greater impact in the AI industry. Let’s take a deeper look into this new investment.

Overview of the $100M funding round

InstaDeep, a UK-based artificial intelligence technology provider, recently announced the completion of a $100M funding round, led by venture capital firm Saddle Ventures with additional participation from 50+ investors worldwide. This brings InstaDeep’s total funding to $206M and gives them a greater ability to expand their AI-powered solutions in more industries worldwide.

The new funds will be used to further accelerate growth initiatives in North America and Europe and establish new offices in Singapore and Tokyo. InstaDeep also plans to invest in research & development of AI-driven technology that can help businesses across various industries, such as finance, retail, media & entertainment. InstaDeep’s explosive growth has been driven by customers’ demand for the company’s platform developers’ innovative platform AI and ML capabilities.

As one of the leading artificial intelligence technology companies in the world today, this latest funding milestone solidifies InstaDeep’s commitment to helping customers realise their vision for leveraging AI and ML technology. The additional investment will enable them to further enhance their products with new features, expand operations into more regions globally, increase the number of customer support teams available around the clock worldwide, and provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Investors in the round

In February 2021, InstaDeep closed a Series A funding round totaling $42 million. Led by Cox Enterprises, with additional participation from Microsoft, Invoke Capital and SwissBorg and new investors including Salesforce Ventures and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV). This brings the total amount of capital raised to date by InstaDeep to $57 million.

The fresh capital will allow InstaDeep to continue building upon its AI-driven automation platform that is helping businesses across industries accelerate their move to digital and use AI to improve the customer experience. The company will also strategically expand their sales presence in North America and Asia-Pacific while continuing to grow their team of exceptional talent across their global offices in Paris, London, Montreal, Casablanca and Hong Kong.

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