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In the past few months, leading digital marketplace Inventa has been moving its platform to Mexico and Colombia, aiming to make it easier for suppliers in these countries to find buyers and make a sale.

As Inventa expands into Mexico and Colombia, local suppliers may have the chance to take advantage of the innovative platform, which could lead to improved sales and more efficient processes.

In this article, we’ll look at the potential Inventa’s supplier marketplace has to offer suppliers in Mexico and Colombia.

Inventa poised to enter Mexico, Colombia with its supplier marketplace

Inventa is an online supplier marketplace created to help increase the efficiency and visibility of the global supply system. Inventa connects buyers and suppliers across various industries, giving all parties a platform to find new customers, increase product availability, manage orders and reduce shipping costs.

Inventa aims to bring transparency to the global supply chain by providing a secure real-time platform that keeps track of product orders, shipments and payments. Suppliers benefit from access to more potential buyers and increased product visibility. Buyers benefit from better pricing, faster delivery times and improved access to more suppliers. With its marketplace, Inventa is primed to enter Mexico and Colombia where it can offer important advantages for both buyers and suppliers.

In Mexico, Inventa’s Supplier Marketplace would provide suppliers access to a larger customer base and new opportunities for growth in local markets. By connecting Mexican suppliers with buyers all over the world, it could have a positive impact on their businesses. Furthermore, sellers will benefit from automating order management processes and managing sales tax reports quickly and easily within the platform.

Similarly in Colombia, Inventa’s Supplier Marketplace would greatly improve the process of selling goods across international borders by making it easier for companies to reach potential customers outside their own country. Additionally, suppliers in Colombia could take advantage of efficient payment processing so they don’t have to worry about fluctuating currencies or international money transfer times when collecting payments from customers abroad.

In addition to these benefits for both buyers and suppliers in Mexico and Colombia mentioned above, Inventa also provides operational efficiency tools like data analytics which allow users to easily identify purchase patterns in order flows which can provide valuable insights into their supply chain operations allowing them make better decisions around inventory planning or product promotions amongst other things. Furthermore, the data available through Inventa’s supplier marketplace also gives users detailed insight into how their products are shipped so that issues can be addressed before they become too large and more costly for both parties involved. All these features together create an extremely powerful platform where business owners can find success by effectively leveraging technology available at Inventa’s marketplace solution.

Benefits for Suppliers in Mexico

Inventa is set to launch its supplier marketplace in Mexico and Colombia, offering opportunities for local suppliers to gain a greater market share in their respective countries. This platform has the potential to open up possibilities for greater sales and profit margins, allowing suppliers to access new customers, while providing them with tools to streamline their operations.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that local suppliers in Mexico and Colombia stand to obtain from Inventa’s marketplace.

Increased Access to Global Markets

Inventa’s supplier marketplace and global sourcing platform provides businesses in Mexico and Colombia access to an extensive array of suppliers worldwide. The platform brings together potential buyers and suppliers from diverse cultures, products, and markets, enabling efficient communications. Inventa also provides a secure system for conducting business transactions with confidence.

Through Inventa’s system, Mexican and Colombian suppliers can be connected with a global audience of potential buyers. This can help increase their customer base, allowing them access to new markets that might not have been accessible to them before. These expanded marketplaces would enable firms to showcase their products to more customers across the globe, leading to greater profitability. Furthermore, Inventa offers tools that enable businesses to compare prices more easily and look for the best bargains available on raw materials or components they need for production.

This increased access and the ability to find more competitive pricing may make a difference when attracting larger orders or high-profile clients who prefer working with suppliers in Mexico or Colombia than those in other countries due to cost savings or reliability. Additionally, the structure provided by Inventa protects buyers and sellers against fraud by ensuring data security protocols are adhered to during all transactions carried out on its platform. These features make it easier for Mexican and Colombian suppliers in particular — often viewed as having smaller economies —to increase their overall competitiveness in global markets through a central online marketplace such as Inventa’s.

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Improved Efficiency in Supply Chains

Inventa’s supplier marketplace, poised to enter Mexico and Colombia, can potentially improve the efficiency of global supply chains. In addition, this platform can create mutual long-term benefits for Mexico and Colombia by facilitating the connection between suppliers and buyers with improved quality assurance protocols and cost-effective sourcing capabilities.

Inventa enables manufacturers to source raw materials of international quality at a fraction of the usual cost by utilizing technology such as its algorithmic supplier selection system that determines best match between suppliers and buyers. In addition, its automated purchase orders help streamline purchasing processes to reduce errors and improve efficiency.

This platform also provides end-to-end process visibility by linking production analysis data with real time pricing services and electronic monitoring systems; such transparency helps manufacturers optimize inventory costs while improving their ability to spot price discrepancies among suppliers. Finally, Inventa helps prevent counterfeiting by providing reliable product marking verification services as part of its quality assurance protocols.

These features give Mexican and Colombian suppliers a platform that will simplify global sourcing, faster and more efficiently while reducing their procurement costs significantly over time.

Increased Visibility of Products

Inventa’s supplier marketplace is poised to enter Mexico and Colombia, providing increased visibility for suppliers in these countries. In addition, product demand will increase due to the larger customer base made available after the launch of Inventa’s supplier marketplace. This will provide more opportunities for suppliers to showcase their products and services, attract customer traffic, generate more sales and revenue growth.

Inventa’s platform provides a wide range of features that assist in marketing product listings locally and internationally, such as professional photography core-catalog product info placed on the webpages and traditional ad placement. This combination of features will give small and large businesses a greater reach than ever before, enabling them to get products into the global market quickly while maintaining quality standards. Additionally, Inventa facilitates transactions with companies worldwide by accepting different payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, Alipay and bank transfer payments, making it easier for customers to do business with suppliers from Mexico or Colombia.

Overall, Mexican suppliers stand to benefit from increased visibility by promoting their products on a larger scale using Inventa’s supplier marketplace instead of only relying on local customer knowledge base or potential geographical restrictions limiting who can purchase their products or services allowing them to expand beyond local borders if desired opening up bigger profit potential via international markets. Furthermore, business owners interested in selling through Inventas‟ platform can save time when using its B2B client tools, including price quotation request tools for bulk buyer enquiries, helping them streamline logistics operations and ultimately increasing efficiency of product delivery.

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Benefits for Suppliers in Colombia

Inventa is poised to enter Mexico and Colombia with their supplier marketplace. This move could bring numerous benefits to suppliers in the two countries.

Companies in the two countries could gain access to new customers, time and cost savings, and improved communication with their buyers.

Let’s look at how Mexico and Colombia suppliers could benefit from Inventa’s marketplace.

Increased Access to Global Markets

Inventa’s supplier marketplace provides a unique opportunity for suppliers in Mexico and Colombia to increase their access to global markets. Through the platform, suppliers can easily showcase their products and services to a broad network of buyers worldwide.

This allows them to establish relationships with international customers, potentially opening up new avenues for growth and profitability. In addition, by utilizing Inventa’s marketplace, suppliers can leverage the company’s global reach, which includes an expansive network of buyers across multiple sectors including agriculture, telecoms, tourism, technology and more. As such, these suppliers can take advantage of market forces by increasing global competition for their offerings.

Moreover, Inventa will offer local support for its suppliers in both countries. Suppliers can receive personalized assistance from local staff who understand their unique needs and opportunities. Additionally, the company will provide comprehensive training programs tailored to each supplier’s business objectives. This ensures they are well-equipped to compete in increasingly competitive markets while creating maximum value for those who choose its platform.

Ultimately, Inventa’s venture into Mexico and Colombia promises an exciting new opportunity for local businesses looking to optimize their operations and gain a foothold in foreign markets.

Improved Efficiency in Supply Chains

Inventa’s supplier marketplace has the potential to transform supply chains in Mexico and Colombia by supporting smaller suppliers that would otherwise not have access to the necessary resources to find buyers and process orders. This improves efficiency in each country’s supply chains, as suppliers can better control inventory, maximize cash flow, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, this platform can increase buyer product visibility, which could open up new avenues for international trade.

Inventa offers software tools that allow suppliers to connect directly with end-buyers, eliminating redundant paperwork and streamlining the product ordering process – from product selection to payment authorization. This automated workflow helps reduce administrative costs and purchase times while speeding up order processing. Buyers will benefit from shorter delivery periods and better access to quality products that meet specified requirements by creating an efficient supply chain.

Furthermore, Inventa helps suppliers gain greater market visibility by connecting them with a global network of buyers looking for any specific item or service they produce at favorable conditions regarding delivery timescales, price competitiveness, quality assurance recommendations and more. Through auctions where businesses compete for contracts with buyers on the platform users gain greater insights into available market offerings across multiple markets with real-time feedback on managing their business operations.

By facilitating direct connections between producers from Colombia and Mexico with international buyers thus decreasing intermediaries therefore reducing cost ultimately resulting greater margins for producer companies since there are fewer participants taking part of each transaction this leads to lower prices but also higher margins for final producers like tanners in Colombia or Mining companies in Mexico finally leading towards efficiency gains in every stage of their supply chain operations.

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Increased Visibility of Products

Inventa’s supplier marketplace offers an unprecedented opportunity for suppliers in Mexico and Colombia to showcase their products to a wider customer base. In addition, the platform allows suppliers to list their products with detailed descriptions, images, and videos which further helps customers know what they are getting.

This increased visibility is expected to increase the number of orders suppliers could expect from local and international clients. Additionally, the transfer of goods would be made more efficient through Inventa’s new transportation channel within the countries, increasing trust for buyers and sellers alike.

As a result of these features, suppliers in Mexico and Colombia have much to gain from Inventa’s supplier marketplace.


In conclusion, Inventa’s marketplace offers a great opportunity for suppliers in Mexico and Colombia to improve their business. This platform is built to streamline the payment, order tracking, and communication processes, while also providing a secure, trustworthy environment for business transactions.

Inventa’s entry into these countries will allow suppliers to interact with a broader range of customers in both local and international platforms.

In conclusion, numerous challenges may affect Inventa’s entry into markets in Mexico and Colombia. Therefore, it will be crucial for them to identify these challenges ahead of time so they can develop strategies and action plans that address each problem.