Grupo Bryndis is a band which was created in 2006 by the artist, Eduardo del Cerro. The group released their first single “Gracias A La Vida” on November 13th of that year and has since then risen to fame with songs like “La Bicicleta”, “Uno Más Uno Menos”, and many more!

Bryndis is a British-Spanish pop/rock band that has been around since the late 90s. The lead singer of this band is known as Bryndis.

Grupo Bryndis is a Grammy-winning icon in the Grupero genre of Mexican popular music. They include elements of Mexican cumbia, pop, and banda, despite the lack of a horn part in the latter. They’ve sold millions of albums and continue to sell out shows in Mexico, the United States, and Central and South America. “The group that sings of love” has been their slogan from the beginning. Mauro Posada (leader and songwriter), Gerardo Izaguirre (bass guitar), Claudio Montano (keyboards), Juan Guevara (drummer and second vocalist), and singer Tony Solis founded the band in Cerritos, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Juan’s brother Guadalupe took over as main singer when Solis quit the group in 1988. Grupo Bryndis worked away for years, performing locally and regionally while creating original material and covering traditional music, popular songwriters, and their peers’ work. They released many independent albums before signing with Disa in 1988 (where they remained until 2007), and their first significant radio exposure came from a rendition of Miguel Gallardo’s “Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar.”

Por El Amor After a decade of hard work, Por el Amor became their best-selling album in 1994, and it was certified gold. Their popularity grew as song after single and album after album charted, making them a sought-after touring act. Their music was quite popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. “Te Vas con El,” “La ltima Canción,” “Otro Ocupa Mi Lugar,” “El Quinto Trago,” “Atrás de Mi Ventana,” “Te Esperaré,” “Quizás S, Quizás No,” “La Chica del Este,” “Perdóname,” “Entre T y Yo,” “Secreto Amor,” and “La Chica del Este” were among their charting Grupo Bryndis had a lot of success. A live recording and/or multiple hits compilations were issued for each studio album, some of which included new songs as extra material. Their music evolved as they added more romanticas to their discography; they became smoother as they grew older, gaining new followers and keeping old ones. After winning a Latin Grammy for Solo Pienso en Ti in 2007, the band left Disa to join EMI. Guadalupe and Juan departed the band after their collaboratively composed album La Maga de Tu Amor (their first of all-original songs) in 2008. The crew was able to take some well-deserved time off and regroup as a result of this unexpected chance.

Más Allá Del Tiempo Y La Distancia It was with original lead vocalist Tony Solis that Grupo Bryndis returned to recording with Más Allá del Tiempo y la Distancia in 2010. “Doy la Vida por un Beso,” the first song, shot to the top of the charts and placed in the Top Ten. Mauro Posadas, Jr., the new drummer, was also on the roster. Huele a Peligro, released in 2011, had this lineup, with the title tune charting as the album’s debut single. After that, there was a very lengthy tour. Andy Zuniga was recruited as a second singer and drummer during that tour in 2012, providing support for Solis, who had already grown weary of the travel and the music industry. In 2013, he departed Grupo Bryndis for the second time. On the studio album Adicto a Ti, released in 2014, Zuniga takes over as lead vocalist (their debut for Fonovisa). Due to the success of the title track single and the follow-up, “El Querreque,” the album performed well on the radio and in the charts. Grupo Bryndis took a brief vacation after another year on the road and returned to the studio, releasing A Nuestro Estilo in early 2016.

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