Are you a Mac user? The likelihood of grabbing every opportunity to use your Mac to the fullest must be very high. After all, Macs are a considerable investment, so you would want to utilize all of its abilities and features. Let’s get started.

Replace the Hard drive

Want to improve the speed of your system? You can do so by replacing the hard drive. Since Mac hard drives are not known for speed when handling large quantities of data, it would be best to replace them.

Opt for a modernized SSD or solid-state drive to dramatically increase your computer’s speed. Also, this will enable your system to handle more tasks simultaneously.

Before replacing the hard drive, ensure you have backed up all your critical data.

Speed up Downloads

Enhancing download speeds is one of the most critical concerns of Mac users. You can quickly speed up downloads on Mac systems by following some basic rules. First and foremost, you need to avoid your bandwidth being used by devices or apps where it is not necessary.

It also helps remove unnecessary background processes that eat up the bandwidth. If you wish to speed up slow downloads on a Mac, you can use Elmedia Player for videos.

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Split the Screen

There might be instances when you need to work on two apps simultaneously. You don’t need to switch to and fro but use Macbook’s Split View feature. Thanks to this feature, you can simultaneously split the screen of the applications or tabs you were working on.

To do this, you must launch both the applications you need and click on the green traffic icon. Then, enter Mission Control and tap F3 on your keyboard, or you can slide up 4 fingers on your trackpad.

Drag and adjust both screens in the Mission Control mode to work faster.

Keep your System Cool

Mac users complaining of overheating is a common phenomenon, but you shouldn’t get too complacent about it. It is a relatively easy problem to fix.

If your system is frequently overheating, you need to clean out the fans to keep it cool. You can think of cleaning the vents to ensure there’s enough cross-ventilation. It would be best if you did not keep your laptop on your lap or the bed while working, as that might be blocking the vents and causing your system to overheat.

By keeping your system cool, you are offering a hardware solution to your Mac system so that it can perform optimally. This will help to enhance the shelf life of your system dramatically.

Use QuickLook to Scan Through Files

Suppose you find the contents and outline of a large file, but you don’t have enough time to go through the file. Luckily, you can find the contents of the file without even opening the file with the help of QuickLook. This feature enables users to find exactly what they need without any hassle.

You must open the Finder and select the item or file you wish to scan. Then, click the spacebar and go through the generated preview. If you wish to get rid of the preview, click the spacebar again.

Declutter the Desktop using Stacks

A cluttered desktop can result in delaying your work and demotivating you. Thankfully, Macs provide an easy and quick method of decluttering your desktop and organizing it. You must click and choose View on an empty part of your desktop and Use Stacks. The files on your desktop will be grouped according to their type, and you’re done.

Get Fluent with Finder

Do you spend a lot of time in Finder? If so, it would be best to make the program work for you.

The starting point is to define the most important folders as Favorites on your Mac system. You can also define critical folders to iCloud, which will be available across all your Apple devices.

You can place a folder in either section by dragging and dropping it into the relevant part. You can drag and drop the most important folders to the top of the Finder menu. You can select the items and press Command to drop them beside the controls. However, be careful not to drop too many items that might clutter the UI.

Then, you can switch to column view, so it is easier to scroll through the items you need.

Besides these, remember Command + Space is the fastest way to find anything on Spotlight.

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The Bottom Line

MacBooks have been specifically designed to support your work endeavors and make your life easier. The tricks mentioned in this guide are tried and tested. Learn these to easily use your Mac system to the fullest of its abilities. So, get started on your journey of using your system optimally.