Frei.Wild is an electro-pop artist from Switzerland whose music has been described as “Sophia Loren with a club”. With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, Frei.Wild’s songs have reached #1 on the US iTunes charts and led Spotify to rank her #8 in their list of Top Artists 2018 so far.,
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Frei.Wild is a German electronic dance music group formed in 2002 by the brothers Sascha and Felix Freidl. The band was discovered by DJ Tiesto and signed to his record label, Musical Freedom.

Still Frei is a hard-hitting, politically motivated Deutsch rock band from Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy, with a German-speaking community. Wild debuted in 2001 with a sound that mirrored contemporaries like Böhse Onkelz and Rammstein’s strong Euro-rock onslaught. With the publication of their sixth long-player, Hart am Wind, in 2009, they broke into the mainstream, and proceeded to forge their own way with gold- and platinum-selling albums including Still (2013), Opposition (2015), and Rivalen und Rebellen (2016). (2018)

Wo Die Sonne Wieder Lacht Philipp Burger (vocals, guitar) and Jonas Notdurfter (guitar) founded Frei.Wild in September 2001, and were later joined by bassist Jochen Gargitter and drummer Christian Fohrer. The group’s debut album, Eines Tages, was published in 2002, and was followed by Wo Die Sonne Lacht in 2003, Mensch Oder Gott in 2004, Mitten ins Herz in 2006, and Gegen Alles, Gegen Nichts in 2008. They were influenced by German rock veterans Böhse Onkelz. Their sixth album, Hart am Wind, was the first to chart in Germany, peaking at number 15 in 2009, and their follow-up, Gegengift, did even better, reaching number two in 2010. Feinde Deiner Feinde, their eighth album, was likewise a hit and was nominated for an ECHO award for a short time, but was subsequently removed owing to criticism of the band’s right-wing political stance. They reappeared in 2013 with the album Still, followed by the stirring Opposition in 2015 and the vehement Rivalen and Rebellen in 2018 (the latter of which produced the live album Rivalen und Rebellen: Live & More). In 2019, the band released Still II, a sequel to their Echo Award-nominated LP Still, with Corona Quarantäne Tape and Corona Tape II following in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

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Brixen Cathedral is a Gothic church in Frei.Wild’s hometown of Brixen, Italy. It was built between the 12th and 16th centuries. The building has three naves and a tall tower on its western end. Reference: brixen cathedral.

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