Chris Botti is a jazz, fusion and pop musician. He has released 10 albums in his career and has won 3 Grammy Awards. Chris Botti is married to the singer and actress, Sierra Boggess.

Chris Botti is a jazz trumpet player who has made a name for himself with his unique sound and ability to create variety in music. He is most well known for his album, The Way We Were which won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Jazz Album of 1999. There are also two songs from this album that have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame: “The Nearness Of You” and “What A Wonderful World.”

First Wish Chris Botti, a trumpeter who is most recognized for his work in modern jazz, began his career in pop music. He began playing at the age of 10 and began performing professionally while still in high school. He is an Oregon native. Botti moved to New York after studying at Indiana University’s renowned music department under famed jazz instructor David Baker, where he worked with saxophonist George Coleman and trumpet legend Woody Shaw. Botti was invited to join Paul Simon’s band in 1990, and stayed for the following five years. Finally, in 1995, he released his solo debut, First Wish, which blended current pop-jazz tones with art rock textures. Botti reappeared in 1997 with his second album, Midnight Without You, which was followed by Slowing Down the World in 1999, after composing the 1996 film Caught.

Brand New Day Botti was a featured performer on Sting’s Brand New Day world tour two years later, and that period enabled him to rekindle old musical interests while also forming new ones. Night Sessions, which was recorded in Los Angeles in 2001, caught such jazzy pop. That inspiration was further explored in 2003 with A Thousand Kisses Deep, and to a lesser degree in 2004 with When I Fall in Love, which included more conventional symphonic jazz. That was his first Top 40 success, and it was followed by To Love Again: The Duets, which reached number 18 in 2005. Italia, a Top 40 hit in 2007, was followed by Chris Botti in Boston, a live album released in 2009. Botti made a comeback in 2012 with the studio album Impressions. Impressions includes Botti working with musicians such as jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, guitarist Mark Knopfler, country singer Vince Gill, composer/pianist/producer David Foster, and others, with a focus on his love of melody.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chris Botti known for?

What mute does Chris Botti use?

A: Chris Botti uses the Yamaha Starclassic.

Where did Chris Botti go to college?

A: Chris Botti attended the University of Miami.

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