The “chicken shack i’d rather go blind” is a song by the band Chicken Shack. They are an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1997. The band’s sound has been described as bluesy hard rock with elements of funk and soul.

The Charlie Daniels Band is an American country band formed in 1964 composed of the guitarist/vocalist Charlie Daniels, his brother Ronnie D. Vann, bass player Fred Bearman and drummer Jayce Vann. The group has released over 40 albums to date including their Platinum-certified album “Big Bad John” which was recorded live at the Grand Ole Opry House during a concert on January 28th 1967.

Christine Perfect, the keyboard player for this British blues-rock band, later joined Fleetwood Mac after marrying John McVie and changing her last name. Chicken Shack was one of the more pedestrian bands of the British blues boom, although they were very successful for a while in the late 1960s, with two albums reaching the Top 20 in the UK. Chicken’s frontman wasn’t Perfect/McVie, but guitarist Stan Webb, who would enthral British audiences by leaping into the throng during shows with his 100-meter-long guitar lead. They were signed to Mike Vernon’s Blue Horizon label, a British blues stalwart known for early Fleetwood Mac’s success.

Chicken Shack, a more conventional style of Chicago blues strongly inspired by Freddie King, was not far behind Mac in popularity in the late 1960s. Christine Perfect assisted Webb with occasional compositions and lead vocals, despite the fact that Webb handled the most of the songwriting and vocal responsibilities. In fact, “I’d Rather Go Blind,” their lone British Top 20 song, featured her as the main singer (1969). However, she left the music industry about that time to marry John McVie and become a housewife, but as everyone knows, that didn’t last long. Chicken Shack’s economic and musical fortunes never rebounded after Christine’s departure. Stan Webb kept Chicken Shack running into the 1980s, with a rotating cast of additional musicians, but he temporarily left the band in the mid-’70s to join Savoy Brown.

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