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Capitolis, a fintech platform that enables banks and capital market participants to unlock new sources of capital and optimise their balance sheets, is set to use its latest injection of funding to turbo-charge the global capital marketplace. The company has secured a $50 million Series C investment led by Salesforce Ventures and supported by investors including Sequoia Capital, J.P. Morgan, American Express Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, FinTLV and FinTech Collective.

The company’s proprietary technology platform provides banks access to data and analytics that identify white spaces in their balance sheets that can be more effectively accessed through direct investment or liquidity sharing with institutional holders in the marketplace. As a result, banks now can maximise returns on provider supplies of capital while minimising risks associated with excessive balance sheet leverage.

The new investment will be used towards developing advanced features for existing customers and working to build out new capital market solutions to drive further efficiency gains throughout the banking system. This injection will also allow Capitolis to expand operations globally, giving financial institutions from all around the globe access to refined tools for managing their balance sheets more effectively than ever before.

Capitolis Overview

Capitolis is a financial technology company that enables the world’s largest financial institutions to optimise and manage their trading and processing activities. By leveraging its capital marketplace, Capitolis automates the execution of transactions and enables clients to access otherwise costly capital.

The company recently raised $110 million in Series D funding to turbo-charge its revolutionary capital marketplace. This article will explore how Capitolis works and how it can benefit customers and financial institutions.

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Overview of Capitolis’s Revolutionary Capital Marketplace

Capitolis is revolutionising the way capital markets are being done in the world. The company recently raised a Series A round of $30 million to turbo-charge its capital marketplace, which matches capital providers with market participants that can use short-term but large financing.

Capitolis’s platform gives both capital providers and market participants unprecedented access to determine terms and finance transactions – giving both unparalleled control over their supply chain financing. This is made possible by real-time analytics, optimization tools, and an extensive network of participants connected through APIs. As a result, Capitolis allows market participants to borrow funds in hours instead of days or weeks at a much cheaper rate than traditional methods.

What sets Capitolis apart from the competition is its commitment to transparency, efficiency and innovation. For example, Capitolis has worked closely with banks to develop a suite of proprietary pricing models that reduce transaction costs while ensuring complete visibility into relevant supplier data and documentations throughout each stage of the financing process. Furthermore, its leadership team’s prior experience as industry veterans helps assure that clients receive unmatched customer service when engaging with the platform.

In addition to providing new supply chain financing solutions for global clients in multiple sectors, Capitolis also provides valuable data insights on pricing trends across different markets and regions so that users can make informed decisions about their manufacturing investments quickly and accurately. All this is accomplished through technology so seamlessly integrated into user activities that it virtually disappears from view — allowing Captiolis customers more time for strategic decisions instead of dealing with mundane tasks related to money management and operations oversight.

Capitolis’s Series D Funding Round

Capitolis announced on Tuesday that it closed a Series D funding round with a total of $105 million. The funding comes from leading investors including Tiger Global, Durable Capital Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Stripes Group and Silas Capital. It brings the company’s total raised to over $163 million.

The funding will be used to turbo-charge Capitolis’ capital markets platform and technology research & development (R&D). According to the company, the funds will drive product launches and widen its customer base; further advancing its mission of bringing capital markets closer together through smarter ways of working between participants.

In major financial centres such as London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore, where Capitolis has established strong traction and relationships within the notional financing universe, these new investments will allow the organisation to scale rapidly into additional revenue-generating businesses. Additionally, the funding adds another layer of expertise to an already powerful board which boasts Stuart Fiertz (co-founder of Point72 Asset Management), Avi Goldfarb (Rotman School of Management professor) and several former executive partners of Goldman Sachs & JPMorgan Chase among its ranks.

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Capitolis Raises $110 Million in Series D Funding to Turbo-Charge Its Revolutionary Capital Marketplace

Capitolis, the revolutionary capital marketplace, recently announced that it has raised $110 million in Series D funding. This funding round will help Capitolis turbo-charge its existing capital marketplace and create even more innovative products and services.

Let’s examine what the funding will mean for Capitolis and its customers.

Accelerating Growth

Capitolis announced a strategic investment of $30 million, led by new investors FTV Capital and SGVC. The funding will accelerate total market growth, product innovation and customer success.

This investment comes at a time when demand for the capital markets is being driven more than ever before by technology. With the support of this round of financing, Capitolis intends to fuel rapid expansion and onboard new customers across all asset classes with its cloud-native SaaS framework. This additional funding reinforces their commitment to leading the way in the capital markets industry’s digital transformation.

Capitolis’ technology gives capital markets firms greater control over their risk management oiled by a multi-asset class platform that allows for efficient capital allocation under various market conditions and jurisdictions. In addition, the resulting lower counterparty risk enables faster partner onboarding times, reducing overall friction in long-term business relationships. In short, this equips clients with better tools to respond quickly to market volatility while reducing costs significantly on both sides of the trade lifecycle.

Combining product engineering excellence with innovation leadership, Capitolis plans to use this fresh injection of funds to turbocharge its mission of uniting financial institutions across asset classes into an integrated open marketplace for transacting capital efficiently and securely across multiple parties.

Expanding Capitolis’s Platform

With this new funding, Capitolis plans to expand its platform to enable banks and hedge funds to access liquidity more efficiently and offer a seamless integration of third-party solutions such as accounting and reporting services. This will be done by leveraging the development of new core technology and strategic partnerships with innovative third-party solution providers.

The new funding is expected to help Capitolis accelerate the development of new features and bring them forward quickly, allowing users to access a more unified capital marketplace that offers streamlined operations, extended transparency and additional innovation. Additionally, the new funding allows Capitolis to pursue enhancement plans for the existing product portfolio including boosting integrations with sophisticated execution platforms while providing additional value services and enabling a quick rollout of blockchain-based features.

On top of that, Capitolis has opened up possibilities for expanding into emerging markets and enabling faster access to liquidity sources with lower operational complexity. This funding will help Capitolis bridge the gap between global financial institutions and address some pivotal challenges in execution process automation by diminishing regulation complexities via strategic partnerships with leading banks and financial service providers worldwide.

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Investing in Technology and Talent

Capitolis uses the funding to invest in its core platform technology and the talent needed to develop and maintain the new business. Specifically, Capitolis will be able to expand its infrastructure capabilities, providing increased scalability, faster response times and secure data transfer.

Additionally, Capitolis will be adding new team members with experience in capital market products and SaaS technology. With these resources in place, Capitolis will be well-equipped to deliver a world-class capital marketplace that provides maximum value to their customers.

The investment also signals that Capitolis is committed to long-term innovation in capital markets. With access to increased resources and expertise, Capitolis’ development team will be well placed to create industry leading solutions for large challenges such as automation of processes for asset management firms and improved methods for collecting transactional data.

This investment reflects the growing interest from investors worldwide and demonstrates their commitment to creating best-in-class technology solutions for capital markets. It also furthers their mission of creating an open platform for financial institutions and members of the capital markets community alike that can accelerate efficiency and improve businesses’ access to multiple sources of liquidity worldwide.

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