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Capitolis, a fintech SaaS platform, has announced a Series C funding round of $90M, led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The funding marks a significant milestone for the company and for fintech as a whole.

This article will provide an overview of the round and examine what the funding means for the company’s potential going forward.

Overview of Capitolis

Capitolis is a fintech SaaS platform that allows financial institutions to collaborate and manage capital more efficiently. The company, founded in 2016 by software engineers and finance professionals, provides an integrated capital optimization solution for banks, exchanges, central counterparties (CCPs), and buy-side institutions worldwide. Supported by recognized investors such as Goldman Sachs and Battery Ventures, Capitolis has emerged as a leader in the capital optimization space with offices in London, New York, Tel Aviv, and Zurich.

Recently, Capitolis landed a $90M Series C Round led by venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The investment will be used in expanding their suite of products to meet the current needs of global financial markets, including expanded analytics capabilities for buy-side institutions. It will also enhance existing products such as their trading platforms which helps clients access additional liquidity pools via best execution requirements. This investment presents many must-have opportunities for new partnerships with financial firms and additional resources for Capitolis’s expansive list of services.

Capitolis lands a16z-led $90M Series C for fintech SaaS platform

Capitolis, a fintech SaaS platform, recently secured a $90 million Series C investment round led by a16z, the venture firm. The round also saw participation from existing investors, including Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, and RRE Ventures. This new raise brings Capitolis’ total funding to $137 million.

The funding will be used to accelerate the growth of the platform.

fintech saas capitolis 90m azevedotechcrunch

Details of the Series C Round

Capitolis, a financial technology SaaS platform for capital optimization, announced today that it has closed a $90 million Series C funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The round included participation from returning investors Wells Fargo and Citi. Other new investors in this round included Blackstone, Deutsche Bank Investment Arm (H2O), and Mubadala Ventures.

This latest capital raise brings Capitolis’ total venture funding to $119 million and will fuel investments in talent, technology innovation, market expansion and deeper customer relationships. In addition, these deepening partnerships will allow institutions to unlock trapped capital by normalising a “best execution world” of multi-counterparty trades across integrated networks.

Capitolis offers a suite of solutions under its proprietary platform built on modular technology. It is focused on helping financial institutions optimise their balance sheets through agile analysis and efficient transaction execution. The company has developed products tailored for the FX markets such as USD/EUR that specialise in optimization to improve capital efficiency and returns for institutions worldwide. Furthermore, their network comprises some of the most trusted financial services firms who have leveraged the SaaS platform for global payments, foreign exchange trading and treasury solutions.

Impact of the Investment

The $90 million Series C funding, led by a16z with participation from Sequoia, Founders Fund, and SVB Capital, is a major milestone for Capitolis.

The investment will help promote the continued expansion of the platform’s capabilities, unlocking further opportunities across the financial markets.

Capitolis has established itself as a collaborative capital optimization software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader. The platform enables organisations to optimise their balance sheets through efficient capital utilisation and improved liquidity management. This provides tangible cost savings while reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.

This new cash injection will accelerate continued innovation in collaboratively solving the challenges of capital optimization by expanding the platform’s capabilities. Specific features will include new financing options, improved analytics tools and risk management, which are expected to significantly expand its customer base.

It also marks an important strategic shift in Capitolis’ forward strategy. By partnering with leading venture firms such as a16z and Sequoia, they have partnered with investors who share their vision of creating an expansive global network of services beyond simple capital optimization and leading to true transformation within financial markets worldwide.

Capitolis Fintech SaaS Platform

Capitolis, a fintech software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, has recently landed a $90 million Series C with a16z leading the funding. This marks the largest ever funding for a B2B fintech company in the US and Europe.

As businesses increasingly look to optimise their trading operations with advanced technology solutions, Capitolis is pioneering an automated and intelligent approach to trading.

Let’s take a closer look at Capitolis and the implications of their recent funding.

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Overview of the Platform

Capitolis is a fintech SaaS platform that delivers intelligent financial solutions that automate and analyse the complexities of managing global operations. The company’s platform provides users with full end-to-end visibility and transparency, enabling collaboration, decision-making, efficiency gains and cost savings across financial institutions with participants distributed geographically.

The company provides innovative technology solutions for capital provisioning, sourcing digital share resources from banks, brokers and prime providers to finance real time market needs. The Capitolis Allocator product suite enables firms to capture liquidity opportunities for digitally signing off capital commitments between counterparties in minutes. The Allocator also allows financial institutions to automatically detect opportunities for allocating capital requirements across available liquidity pools, reducing dependency on physical working capital by driving efficiencies in resource utilisation.

In addition, Capitolis Central Counterparty (CCP) is an integrated risk management solution that helps firms protect their balance sheet in the face of ever increasing counterparty risk pressures by automating calculations of the positions held throughout trading partners’ systems including intraday monitoring, margin calculation and credit risk assessment – leading to greater quality control over business operations alongside real time profit/loss insights.

The company’s platform consolidates siloed workflows into an intuitive web-based platform providing access to fast moving markets while maximising collateral optimization while reducing manual intervention across trade lifecycles. In addition, Capitolis brings together multiple users into a single system giving them increased visibility over their entire trades clearing operations helping them identify potential cost savings and operational risks invisible on smaller data sets analysed manually or using static reports. This gives financial institutions more control over their various business needs, helping increase overall efficiency while saving time and money simultaneously during complex negotiations between multiple parties.

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Benefits of the Platform

Capitolis’ fintech SaaS platform brings unprecedented efficiency to the financial markets. This cloud-based platform is designed to assist banks, asset managers and hedge funds optimise their capital usage. With Capitolis’ fintech SaaS, customers can streamline their processes for managing capital, allowing for faster decision making and more efficient operations.

The benefits of this platform can be attributed to three core features:

-Real-time Fintech Analytics: Capitolis provides customers with insight into market movements and trends that they can use to take advantage of opportunities with greater agility. In addition, the platform can leverage predictive analytics capabilities to identify potential rewards and risks associated with certain trades in real time.

-Cost Optimization: With its cost optimization solutions, Capitolis helps customers decrease trading costs by analysing trade portfolios in detail and leveraging an algorithmic approach that identifies excess costs. Customers benefit from cost savings through algorithmically identifying optimal trade sizes and improving efficiency of operations related to capital management.

-Capital Management Solutions: By providing insights into market adaptations that facilitate more effective capital utilisation, Capitolis offers banks greater control over risk management policies by optimising performance across several portfolios. The Capital Management solution allows users to set their risk appetite according to preferred portfolio constraints such as volatility or return targets at a granular level for individual positions or entire portfolios at once – ensuring no surprises due to exposure concentration anomalies stemming from manual adjustments not being noted in real time.

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