All it takes is a few clicks on a celebrity’s Instagram or flipping through pages of a magazine to recognize that they lead very different lives from the average person. However, despite their notoriety and, in some cases, entitlement, the truth is there are a lot more like us than we might think.

At the end of the day, celebrities are humans with brains and emotions just like us, and they can be enormously relatable. From enjoying family time with the ones they love most to handling personal struggles just like we do, celebrities may not be as different from you as you think.

Here are some ways that celebrities are just like us that may just surprise you.

They Also Have to Follow The Rules

Although there may be occasional examples of celebrities getting preferential treatment, legally, they are required to follow the rules just like everybody else. They must wear a seat belt, they must follow OSHA guidelines, and they must pay their taxes just like everybody else. They are not unsusceptible to the law or any consequences that come with breaking the law.

Self-Esteem Struggles

Just because someone has a recognizable face doesn’t mean they’re confident about it.

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Celebrities have the same kind of internal struggles as we do and may even have more self-esteem issues than the average person. Since their physique is constantly under scrutiny, many celebrities find themselves struggling with harsh criticism and feelings of rejection.

Whether it’s on their Instagram or on the news, negative comments can be incredibly hard on their self-esteem.

Every Day Pleasures

Sure, we may see our favorite celebrities attending fancy Oscars parties or vacationing in chateaus with private chefs, but this is only a small portion of their overall existence. Celebrities also take time to enjoy the same simple pleasures in life that we do.

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From sipping coffee in the morning to basking in the sun on a warm day, the simple pleasures in life are a human necessity and don’t require VIP access to be enjoyed.

Mental Health

Some people may assume that celebrities have it all because of their so-called success, and as such, they must be fulfilled and happy people. However, mental health struggles can happen to anyone— even movie stars.

From substance addiction to clinical depression, celebrities are no strangers to mental health problems despite their fame and riches. While opening up about mental health was seen as taboo several decades ago, more and more celebrities are coming forward to talk about the importance of seeking help if you struggle with mental health issues.


Some of the most beautiful actresses and sought-after actors in the world also experience heartbreak, just like us. Believe it or not, even the people who are seen as some of the most beautiful and desirable creatures on the planet still experience heartbreak and rejection. In fact, some of the most famous heartbreaks in history were often in Hollywood.